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You are that type of person who likes to save and keep files and stuff in one room. This has gone overlooked for the past weeks but you need additional space to organise your things and by this you are looking for a product to stock and manage your stuff. Several options for shelving are accessible in Singapore. In fact, steel shelving is good for your needs because it removes clutter in most areas by planting an overhead shelf space.

Boltless shelving will certainly address your storage space needs while creating more spaces in your office or backroom. This storage solution is comprised of 3 basic components: the beams, the shelves which are available in several materials such as particle board, wire and steel and the angle posts. It’s also an easy task to install these shelves you just have got to get a hold of a hammer. So how do you set up this shelving option? To begin with, you need to crack the rivets on the beams and into the preferred slot for the angle post. Next, you need to position the shelves on the beam. And finally, if you want to increase the holding capacity you’ll need to add some beam ties.

Industrial steel shelving gains its users thru its provision of solution for shelving that includes residential storage, archive records storage, stock rooms, supply rooms, retail outlets, distribution centres and warehouses. Other advantages are security from probable breakage in addition to customisable and durable shelves.

Work productivity as well as a welcoming aura in the office is another type of benefit that one gets from this shelving solution aside from space saving.

In a nutshell, industrial shelves provide its customers three things: accessibility, usability, profitability. Apart from this, physical security must be ensured by using blast proof and blast proof design in the space.

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