The Business Of Article Marketing

One of the most productive ways to promote a business on the internet these days is through article marketing. Article marketing is a form of advertising in which businesses write informative articles that are relevant to their industry. Articles are then submitted to one of the many article submission websites where they will be read and possibly picked up by other sites, blogs, magazines etc. For instance, an anti-virus software company may submit articles on “How To Keep Your Online Info Private”. If you cover a subect which effects a great number of individuals, it will help to ensure your article being read by a lot of folks and could cause it to go viral.

Adding a link to your website at the end of each article will make it easier for the readers to link back to your site. The articles have the possibility of spreading exponentially, driving potentially large numbers of traffic back to your business’ website.

These back links provide more value than the traffic they bring. The majority of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, utilize back links to assess the worth of an online site. The more links pointing to your site, the better it will rank in search engine results. The search engines give more value to the links that originate from the page with content that is relevent to the site they are leading to. Having embedded links in an article which relates strongly to your site adds a great deal to their value.

The purpose of article marketing isn’t only to facilitate link and search traffic. An internet campaign is successful when it advertises a company while at the same time legitimizing and expanding its presence.

As your articles spread around the internet and are picked up by other sites, your company can use this exposure to help brand your product and establish yourself as an industry expert. When a company can back up their statements in writing, and other businesses use that information as reference, the company gains trust.

An additional trend which has strengthened the role of article marketing recently is the increasing popularity of web 2.0. The Internet has been transformed by social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook. It seems that each population segment has a unique social structure; more and more of these groups seek information about each other. These sites’ popularity helps to solidify the role of article marketing online for many years to come.

An excellent article marketer should remember two things to stand out among the competition. Primarily, high standards take precedence over sheer numbers. Poorly written articles will sabotage your credibility and undermine your goals. 50 hits from a single high quality article are worth more than the same number of hits from 20 poorly worded articles.

Lastly, choose where to submit and publish articles wisely. An article that has no relevance to the specific topic will be considered spam, and could possibly bring upon negative consequences.

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