The Life of Filipino Maids in Hong Kong

From a far distance in the Philippines, lies Hong Kong–Home to around 7 million people, 140,000 of which are Filipinos. Among these thousands workers migrating from the Philippines to try their luck in Hong Kong, most are women, Filipino Maids. The locals brand them as feiyungs, other term for maid. They dominate the population and lead a common life in a land they see as promising.

Wherever Filipinos go, there’s something that keeps them similarly rooted to their land-their deep faith in the Almighty God. Philippines, being one of the top Catholic countries in the world, the Filipinos practice religion no matter how far they are from their country. In Hong kong, there are presence of Protestant Filipinos and other congregations but Roman Catholics comprise the majority. Every Sunday, Catholic Houses of Praise are seen full of Filipinos. Oftentimes, the mass is versed in tagalog, the official language in the Philippines.

The Big Day After a 6-day workweek, Filipino maids are entitled to a day off. The Big day is usually on Sundays for many. In this day, there are major places in Hong Kong where Filipinos come together. Central, Victoria Park or the Hong Kong Cultural Centre are among the favorite spots to jam and unwind. From far away, lively sounds and commotion can be heard.

When they gather, Filipinos sing, eat meals together and mingle with each other relieving stories from the past. The local Hong Kong government supports this frenzy, even closing the main central roads every Sunday to pave way for this weekly celebration. In this vicinities, there are “no littering” signs flashed in Cantonese, English and tagalog, proof that Filipinos are recognized dwellers in the city.

For Filipino maids, Life goes on wherever you are. No matter what the risks as long as it is for the betterment of everyone’s future, it is worth taking. In the eyes of the hopeful maids working in a foreign land, life is working hard 6 days a week, a day of enjoyment and constant faith everyday.

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