The Shield as the Wrong Way to Attain Accounts Receivable

I like watching the formation of groups in the world of wrestling. It shows just how much numbers matter in this profession and when groups are aligned, it presents unique dynamics that you couldn’t get while wrestlers are apart. Even as a fan of this form of entertainment, I can see that they wouldn’t work so well in the reality we live in, especially when you consider how business should be done. When working with accounts receivable, wrestling stables may go about them poorly.

When you get into the subject of stables in wrestling as we know it, I believe that the one that has been given the most focus today is the Shield. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are the stable’s three members and each of them works with a single purpose. They believe that World Wrestling Entertainment is riddled with injustice and it’s their duty to purge it from the company entirely. However, they go about attacking various wrestlers, which doesn’t make them a particularly sound choice for the debt industry.

Such an industry works under a certain set of guidelines and each of them can be found under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Essentially, the act of collecting accounts receivable requires payments that are made from a customer to a business for services. However, they have to be collected under the proper means. There can be no sign of immorality and reputable companies such as Rapid Recovery are ones to look at if you are searching for the best one to work for you.

If I could imagine the Shield going about collecting such payments, I don’t see it being very peaceful. They have been attacking people during shows for no real rhyme or reason, so who’s to say that they would go about attaining debts any differently? It goes beyond any rule in the FDCPA, though, and it would land them in great legal trouble as well. Debt collectors who haven’t kept the rules in mind have been stricken with such problems in the past, so to say that it doesn’t occur would be an outright lie.

I love the prospect of wrestling stables, without question, but even as a wrestling fan I can see where problems arise. Placing one wrestling stable into the world that we live in may bring about issues that we would rather avoid. When doing business with someone else, the last thing that we want to encounter is a threat. Money has to be collected but with some debtors being too terrified to go about business, procuring such funds proves to be a challenge.

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