The Sun Protection Survival Guide

The Sun Protection Survival Guide

Not surprisingly, sun protection is something all Americans are paying close attention to these days. Sky rocketing skin cancer rates, and rising UV Index averages are just two reasons protecting your skin from the sun can no longer be neglected. Fact: The sun is much stronger than it was just 15 years ago.

Fact: Skin cancer is on the rise, especially amongst men and women under 35 years old. This article is intended to provide simple, easy, effective lifestyle changing tips to protect you and your family from the sun. Our motto: Make it a habit!

Dermatologists are recommending that sun block be applied every day, whenever outdoors. Research shows you don’t have to get repeated bad sunburns to get skin cancer. Prolonged sun exposure over time can lead to skin cancer without ever having bad sunburns. Sun Survival tip # 1 – Make it a daily habit and apply sunscreen each morning before you and your kids leave the house. Don’t forget the commonly neglected hands, ears, back of the neck, and shoulders. These parts of your body get the most sun exposure but are too often forgotten.

Sun Survival tip #2 – Invest in sun protection clothing. Did you know a t-shirt only has an SPF of 5? That is only blocking about 10% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. A rashguard is an athletic fitting shirt made from lycra and nylon. Used originally by surfers and divers under their wetsuits, rash guard shirts from online stores like offer SPF 150+ total sun protection.

These surf shirts are extremely popular with outdoor enthusiasts due to the stylish, durable construction, and UV protection demanded by today’s active people. Rashguards are excellent for snorkeling, boating, rash guards for working out, the list goes on and on. And “Hey parents,” affordable rash guards do not wash off like sun block making them an effective and economical choice for sun protection. Kid’s rashguards, rash guards for toddlers, and even baby swim shirts are available for your family members. Make it a habit to wear sun protective shirts at the beach, pool, soccer game, or any outdoor activity.

Sun Survival tip #3 – Protect your eyes. The sun is just as damaging to your eyes as your skin. Women Sunglasses should be worn at all times when outdoors. Make sure they are dark enough to reduce glare and have a UV rating. Children should wear sunglasses too. Make it a habit, get you and your family wearing sunglasses now!

Women Sunglasses

Mens Sunglasses

Sun Survival tip #4 – Cover up the noggin. Yes, wear a hat. Whether you’re doing yard work, golfing, or surfing, we recommend wearing a hat in the direct sunlight. Not only will this help keep your face wrinkle-free (nobody likes pre-mature aging), you will ensure the most vulnerable part of your body is protected. I know a woman (we’ll give her an alias “Susan”) who looks like a leather wallet. Her dinosaur-like skin is the result of years of sun exposure without proper protection (the years of chain smoking probably don’t help either). The lesson here, “Don’t be a Susan!” Wear a hat and ensure the most vulnerable part of your body is protected from the sun.

Okay, just like oral hygiene or weight loss, to be successful sun protection needs to be a part of your daily routine. These simple tips: apply sun block on a daily basis, buy a rash guard swim shirt, wear sunglasses, and a hat. Make it your habit!

Mens Sunglasses

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