Tillman Gloves: Unparalleled Protection

A reputation for safety is a point of pride for the John Tillman Company. For welders, Tillman gloves have meant more than 35 years of hand protection. Crafted from pliable leather, fire-resistant cloth, and comfortable filler, these gloves have saved countless welders from terrible burns and injuries.

Welding began over 2,000 year ago, during the Bronze Age, with a method known as forge welding. Forge welding entailed heating two or more metals in a forge and hammering them together. The tools of the time were crude: a hammer, and anvil, a forge, tongs, and leather gloves. The early smiths had to wrap their hands and arms with two or three layers of animal hide (effectively creating the first welding gloves) in order to protect their skin from the blinding heat of the forge.

The basic process of forge welding was firmly entrenched until 1836. The English chemist, Edward Davy, while attempting to isolate potassium metal, accidentally discovered acetylene. This gas would allow welders to create a localized heat source, moving welding from the forge to the blowtorch (finally created in 1900). The blowtorch would herald a more flexible form of welding known as resistance welding. This process, still employed by tradesmen and welders alike, produces less pollution, but is limited to relatively thin materials and requires the appropriate safety equipment.

Welders, plumbers, and pipe fitters alike have used Tillman Gloves, in particular, since 1928. The Tillman equipment line is not restricted to welding gloves, but includes durable welding jackets, aprons, and blankets. Furthermore, Tillman manufactures an exclusive line of welding helmets, known as monkey shields, crafted from rawhide. Monkey shields are typically used by pipe welders and plumbers who must work in constricted environments.

It is argued the modern world is a world crafted by welders. From steel skeletal frames to automobiles to aircraft, these advances are all built one spot weld at a time. The line of modern safety products, including Tillman gloves, will ensure the well being and quality of work for generations of welders and tradesmen to come.

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