Tips for creating a great Trade Show display without the stress

Summary: Your company is exhibiting at a Trade Show in the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center! Don’t waste this opportunity with a boring display. Follow these 3 tips to ensure an attention-grabbing booth.

Okay, you’re booked into that huge industry trade show in a few months in Orlando Now all you need is an eye-catching trade show display with captivating wording and stunning graphics to attract people’s attention and various printed matter to give out: brochures, manuals, handouts – and don’t forget business cards! But where do you start?

You can reduce your overwhelming Trade Show panic to three easy steps: deciding on the design and overall layout of your display; determining the type of graphics you’ll need; and finding a printer to handle the job – including last-minute details.

Layout & Design – How do you want your display to look? The Orlando/Orange County Convention Center is huge – and with hundreds of other exhibitors, how will you get noticed? You need the right wording for the panels of your trade-show booth.

But don’t get wordy. You’ll want to convey your message as succinctly as possible. How many of the thousands of people at this convention will actually stop in front of your booth to read your display? If you’ve got more than about 30 words, don’t expect more than a handful – or a few dozen at most. For people to get your message, keep it brief. And big. People will take a little more time to read things if they’re large enough to read easily.

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics – The one thing you don’t want to skimp on for this trade show is graphics. One itsy-bitsy sign tacked onto the front of your booth just won’t cut it. You need something to attract attention something to really make your display stand out! How about a fifteen-foot banner – with your company name and logo – prominently plastered across the top of your display area?

For an added attention factor, get a little fan blowing on it. People pay more attention to moving objects than non-moving ones – even if the non-moving one is larger.

Plus, if you’re going to have a giveaway (for people who deposit their business cards into your fishbowl), you’ll need signage to tell people what the valuable prize will be. You’ll also want to have signage to direct visitors to sign up for your online newsletter. And don’t forget all the printed matter, like manuals, brochures, handouts and scads of business cards – all printed with the company name and logo.

Finding a Printer – Finally, you’re ready to put your trade show display together. And now that you’ve got all these great ideas for your display, it’s time to locate a printer who can accommodate your printing needs – and do it on your schedule, with your timeline and deadlines in mind.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a printer locally, in the Orlando area, who could take care of all the details and ensure everything was delivered to the convention center, on time, right when you need it? That way you wouldn’t have to worry about those huge overnight freight costs. You could just have everything you need delivered locally – or if you’d prefer, you could pick up your printing project and bring it to the convention site. Oh, and wouldn’t it be great if you could get all this at a reasonable price? Well, with NextGeneration Printing, Copying & Digital Communication, you can. Visit them online at for information about making your next Orlando-area trade show preparations a breeze!

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