Trade Show Promos That Truly Glow

For your next trade show, make your business stand out by offering promotional items that really glow. There are hundreds of unique LED lighting products out there, and most of them can be customized with your corporate logo.

Hats, buttons and stickers are typical trade show fare, but why not opt for a fiber optic hat that flashes your logo or blinking stickers or flashing buttons. If you use a company such as that offers customization, you can literally design these items any way you want. People are instantly drawn to anything that lights up, so your item is sure to get a second glance.

When it comes to handy promotional materials, pens are a great item because we all need and use them. Why not bring your pens up a notch and get some blinking LED pens that change colors or light-up bubble pens? Another idea is to dazzle people with custom laser pointers or custom projector pens.

There are other useful items that can feature your corporate logo, such as light-up key chains or card lights. Card lights can be made as a copy of your business card and will be used as a little flashlight again and again, a continuous advertisement for your business.

You can also opt for a bunch of fun items, such as glowing or blinking balls, flying discs, spinning tops or yo-yos. Any of these LED lighting products can be customized with your message or logo.

Keep people cool and informed with light-up message fan. This LED lighting product comes in several designs and will display your message all lit up for everyone to see. In fact, you can customize up to four different, 13-character messages.

You can also make your trade show booth glow with a variety of custom LED lighting products. Light cubes can glow with your company’s logo. You can decorate with LED light-up balloons, which come in a variety of colors and can be customized. Depending on your product, you could display an LED fountain or decorate the entrance of your booth with a white LED light leaf arbor. There are even LED trees and bonsai plants that glow with LED lights.

Katelynn Mochizuki enjoys writing and marketing. For more information about promotional LED products like a LED serving tray, or to know more other products like blinky pins, please go to the LightGod website today.

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