Uncertainty Syndrome – Make Your Profits Equal Your Potential

Once you have decided to become an internet marketer, you have already assumed that all of your talents, expertise, knowledge, commitment, and dedication are sufficient for making your dreams a reality.

That however only sets your level of potential you have to succeed. They don’t guarantee actual success.

What does guarantee your actual success is not the effort that you put into your online business but rather the constraints or restrictions you acknowledge and overcome.

There are three specific types of constraints you need to get abolish of if you really want your actual success to match your potential for success.

#1: Rational Constraints:

* Errors in your thinking process
* Overly concerned with the details
* Losing sight of your real prupose – the big picture
* Wasting precious time and money looking for that missing link

#2: Procedural Constraints:

* Specific processes or procedures in your business that are counterproductive
* The method in which you go about working and running your business

Because your work processes and habits are closely tied to your personality, they can be difficult for you to detect.

It is important however to recognize that they can affect the way you develop your strategies and tactics, how you manage people, how well you create, market and deliver your products, and especially how you service to your customers.

#3: Self Constraints:

* Assumptions, rules and other conditions that exist in YOUR mind only
* The limitations you have created based on your experiences of building your online business
* “I don’t want my sales pages to look like that my competitors”
* “I don’t feel comfortable asking a person that question”

At this point, if the success of your business is important to you, it is critical that you take an honest look at the rules you’ve created for your business and how many of them are keeping you back?

Would you give any of them up if it meant an explosion of success?

Stick to your “whatever it takes to succeed” attitude from the start of your venture and bust through these limitations that are keeping you from all the financial rewards, pride, and success you can imagine!

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