Use of Web Conferencing for Growth Initiatives

According to a Habeas Email Survey commissioned by Ipsos, Web conferencing as a method of communication is forecasted to rise from 2% to over 12% in five years. Web conferencing offers many benefits such as reducing travel expenses (consider the time spent driving to the airport, the time wasted at the airport, the cost of airline tickets, etc.) as well increasing company productivity (less time away means more time at the office). For small business owners, the benefits are even greater as it allows them to chase growth at a time when such activities might not be considered at all.

Since business development is essential to any business’s survival and success, Quote Stork Solutions, a website dedicated to consulting small and home-based businesses, suggests taking calculated growth risks. And they feel that their model of Build, Reduce, Grow allows smaller companies to do just that.

Currently, Quote Stork has an interesting approach when it comes to web conferencing:

1. Reducing expenses by test-driving web conferencing software for Free. They recommend trying out software with their existing, solid client base and employees and suggest using it for systems training in order to become familiar with the software.

2. Growing business through alternate marketing techniques. Quote Stork encourages its clients to think outside the box in their marketing efforts. This means putting out Dan Kennedy style direct marketing as most small businesses miss out on such opportunities.

3. Lastly, Quote Stork recommends hosting a mass meeting via web conference as a sort of “pitch” meeting or seminar. By having familiarized themselves through a free web conference trial, small business owners will have the skills necessary to provide their prospective clients with a cost-effective, value-added proposal. For example, a real estate broker looking to increase her book might host a 30 minute web conference about regional real estate trends and prospects about the future.

Quote Stork promotes Citrix Online’s system when it comes to web conferencing. Citrix offers two options and both give the user the option to broadcast and share desktop operations with conference attendees. With a lot of blue chip companies opting for web conferences over traditional, central meetings, many small businesses dismiss the possibilities as too costly. Instead, Quote Stork suggests this cost-effective conference alternative benefits the small business by showing customers just how committed they are to customer service.

Despite the stories currently published by various media sources about the state of the nation’s economy, growth should still be a priority for small and home-based business owners. In fact, at such a trying time, growth initiatives should take priority at this time. With the latest trends in web conferencing, small businesses have a fantastic opportunity to not only reduce travel expenses and increase productivity, but to reach a wider audience in their business development efforts.

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