Using Various Types Of PVC Strip Curtains For Various Production Facilities

The most important purpose of PVC strip curtains is to create a block in between warm air and cold air. By creating an insulating block, they enable you to conserve your energy usage. Either you need to keep heat inside or keep heat coming from a particular region of your manufacturing unit. Strip curtains are generally preferred in various production facilities as compared to traditional doors. Vinyl strip blockers are far more effective energy savers and insulators than doors. Likewise, they’re the more economical option. Fitting them isn’t that difficult too.

There are actually many types of vinyl strip curtains. Each kind is designed for a specific function.

The conventional or normal strip curtain is distinguished by clear PVC. Approximately nine out of 10 strip curtains are made to be this kind. This common form of strip curtain is great for coping with various temperature variations and is found in a vast variety of applications.

Then there is the anti-static vinyl strip curtain. Not like ordinary plastic strip curtains, this one helps prevent increase of interferance on the strip area. This particular form of strip curtain is good in medical laboratories and facilities in which the growth of static electricity is opposed.

There are also suitable strip curtains for places where welding activities are performed. Normal strip curtains are unsuitable for these particular places since sparks could damage the curtain or set them on fire. Weld screen curtains are just perfect because they’re made from fire resistant materials.

Cold storage facilities will need another unique kind of a strip curtain known as the polar grade curtain. It’s made from a good insulating material that may form barrier between 2 rooms that have intense difference in temperatures. The cold conditions inside of the freezing area is well-maintained. The strip consists of cold resilient material to survive very low temperatures.

In food manufacturing, the importance of keeping pests and insects off the manufacturing unit is really required. Exposed areas may be invaded by insects and other microorganisms. But there’s a strip curtain that can properly keep pests out. Generally, it’s the light from the room which draws in bugs. An insect strip curtain forms a dark barrier so that light can’t pass through from the inside to the outside. This kind of strip curtain might likewise be designed to be UV-resistant.

Shaded PVC strip curtains are ideal for room color coding as well as for some other purposes according to the preference of the customer. There might be other types of vinyl strip curtains. All you have to do is search for them. There are plenty of sellers that have web pages you could browse. The type of strip curtain which is best for you would depend on your purpose and your facility.

PVC strip curtains ensure the efficiency of your electricity usage, particularly if you have an air-conditioned or heated facility. They enable easy access of workers out of and into the facility without causing much escape or entry of heat.

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