VIP Services is Tulsa Auto Detailing Best Shop

So many times today it is hard to get someone to clean up your car the right way. Because of that I want you to know of a new company. VIP Services offers been taking care of Tulsa’s main car dealers for the last a number of many years and is right now accessible to provide you with all the exact same professional care and diligent service! Our knowledgeable professionals at VIP Services can detail any automobile, truck, SUV, motorcycle, motorboat, or recreational vehicle, but we do more than just detail. We are able to also execute paint touch-up, clear coat scratch elimination, paint and fabric protection, buffing, and interior repairs to help your vehicle appear excellent and last longer! We’ve several packages to fit any budget or require and may customize 1 to your specific needs. Or, just stop by to get a quick hand wash and tire shine for only $10. Let VIP Services enable you to to really feel proud to drive your automobile again or assist you to sell your vehicle for a lot more money in less time! VIP Services is your full auto detailing and reconditioning service. Here are a few of their total services…

Utilizing a special Polisher they can attain a accurate auto paint refurbishment of spider web scratches and dulled paint. This careful process is carried out with all the use of specific instruction which their own detail technicians have obtained from Car Brite and the usage of Black Pearl a body shop protected system. We will not fill scrapes and hide these up…but will genuinely get rid of them and refurbish your paint shine. Samantha Johnson from Oklahoma liked the perform these people performed on getting rid of the scrapes of her vehicle paint.

Areas like places of worship, schools, day-cares, local community groups, and retirement properties all have big vehicles. Numerous businesses and government departments have them. What am I talking about? Large vans, travel buses, and different other individuals moving services. At VIP Services we are in a position to cope with these nasty staining which get ground into the floor as well as the great number of drink unsightly stains around the seats-and the toughest of all….. melted, gooey chocolate. It can be considered a daunting task to attempt to help keep vans such as these clean. They’re usually busy moving people and also you usually don’t have time to check for spills inside the way back-much much less scrub and scrub to clean up them. Let VIP Services have these types of vehicles clean to suit your needs and on a regular schedule so you’ll be able to correctly represent your organization or enterprise for your people as well as the common public.

Today there is a very big misconception between a trained Detailer and a person who is a Car Washer. At any given day, someone can go buy a power washer, some soap and wax and call themselves a detail technician. When it comes to restoring the paint on a $50,000 vehicle which one would you like….or a professionally trained detailer or a guy who washes cars? Stop by and let them show you how they can professionally detail your vehicle.

Seat stains are so frustrating!! Many times either the stained area grows larger the more you try to scrub, or it appears to be gone only to return once the area dries. What about those gray cloth seats that water stain with the slightest drip of water? If you try to clean them, more stains!! These are common problems that people (even other detail shops) have and you might find VIP can help out with.

Learn more about Tulsa Auto Detailing. Stop by VIP’s site where you can find out all about Car Detailing Tulsa and what it can do for you.

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