What are the most common types of Personal Injury?

We all want to be healthy and fit. Many of us take care over our diet and ensure that we take regular exercise to make sure that we can enjoy spending active time with our family and friends. But occasionally we are victims of accidents that threaten our future health and leave us incapacitated for a period of time. If you have suffered in this way, you should contact a good lawyer to help you get redress. There are many kinds of personal injuries for which compensation can be claimed. Obviously the most common injuries tend to be as a result of the most common accidents. A good lawyer will be able to help you with your claim because, although it might just be a statistic to some, it is extremely important to you. Your injury could cause you to lose money by having to take time off work, or spend extra cash on things like child care and car hire. A lawyer can help you to identify how the accident has affected your life and so how much you should be compensated.

An amazing two hundred thousand people are injured on our roads every year. Of that number, twenty-three thousand are seriously injured and, sadly, nineteen hundred are killed. Driving is so common these days, that we tend to take it for granted. And whilst cars are safer than ever, they are also faster and more powerful. It is no surprise that driver carelessness or error are major factors in many car accidents. The most common injury from a car accident is whiplash. This happens when the head is swung violently one way than another on impact. Sometimes there can be very serious consequences, with nerves being permanently damaged. Fortunately, this is rare and the common whiplash injury causes severe pain and discomfort for a few days before complete recovery. During that time, however, the victim could be rendered almost completely immobile, bedridden and unable to work. Insurance companies will often try to pay fro this kind of injury before the full effect of it is known, but it would be better to speak to a lawyer before you accept their offer, as they will ensure that you are signing away your right to return to the claim if it is more serious than previously thought.

Accidents are common at work and, strangely, more common in offices than in obviously dangerous workplaces. That is usually because the employer has taken all possible precautions to prevent an accident say, on a building site, or where heavy machinery is involved, because they know the risks. Ironically, more people take time off work because of strains and sprains that happen in offices where people are largely sedentary and not used to heavy lifting. It might seem to colleagues like a trivial matter. Never-the-less, a bad back can still cause extreme pain and discomfort and taking time off work can cost you money.

Not all workplace injuries are the result of people not being properly trained or prepared. Slipping and falling accidents are also very common. These could be the result of spillages or of staff not being alerted to running repairs being carried out. It may sound silly but modern floors, especially in public or communal areas, are often highly polished and very hard. Liquid, combined with the residue from the cleaning products, used to keep them shiny, can make the floor very slippery, and very painful if you fall. A heavy fall can result in broken or fractured wrists and severe bruising. This would obviously mean you would need time off work to convalesce.

Other injuries you can pick up at work are a result of working in confined spaces and having to hold strange positions for a long time. It might seem unimportant, but being required to sit at an unsuitable workstation, where you have to bend and twist against the natural movement of your muscles can cause repetitive strain injuries. However small your company, your employer has a duty of care for it’s employees, and if your concerns have not been addressed and you are suffering RSI, you should contact a lawyer.

As well as workplace injuries, there are also workplace illnesses. I am sure many will have heard of illnesses associated with asbestos or mining. These cases often involve hundreds of people and have been contracted over many years. There are set laws about these kinds of injuries, but a specialist lawyer is often required to proceed with the case. Attributing blame for an illness that could go back many years is often difficult, especially if the employer disputes it. But a good lawyer will be able to fight for compensation for the victims, who are often disabled by these workplace illnesses.

Of course there are so may personal injuries that it would be impossible to list them all. The simple criterion to apply is: Have you suffered as a result of some else being either negligent or careless. If the answer is yes, then you may be able to claim some compensation for your loss and discomfort. This is not to suggest that you make claims for trivial circumstances, but many injuries will have a detrimental effect on your life and those dependent on you. It is for them as much as your self that you should think about speaking to a lawyer.

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