What To Consider Before Selling Your Mineral Rights

If you are a landowner who is currently debating whether or not to sell your land’s mineral rights, there are a number of considerations you need to keep in mind before you do make a decision. Selling Bakken Shale Oil and Gas Mineral Rights for example is actually a topic that a lot of people have grown interested in considering that the geological industry has taken quite a leap in these past few years.

There are dozens of geological research companies these days not counting the pioneers of the industry and all of them are looking to buy the rights to dig or mine minerals out of lands. Obviously there is a huge demand for the type of land you have and that is good enough reason to sell it considering you may not get the same offer if you hold on to those rights even for just two more years.

Besides, selling the mineral rights to your land is an easy enough process to understand. In essence these companies have studied your land; discovered it rich with mineral deposits; and will pay you for the rights to dig, drill, mine and take those minerals out from the property- see, no doctorate in Geology needed.

Keep in mind that they’re not buying your land from you, just your Barnett Shale Mineral Royalties. And that you don’t have to sell all your mineral rights to them if you do not want to. There are some property owners that have their lands evaluated for mineral deposits before accepting offers and selling only about 80% of their rights, leaving the rest for royalties.

You also need to consider the companies that are making you an offer for your land’s mineral rights. You of course would want to work with research companies that have been around for many years; long enough to establish a solid reputation in the industry. Before you decide to sell your mineral rights or royalties to these research companies, visit their website such as Phillips Energy.

Find out how many land owners these companies have worked with and how well they treat the people they strike up a deal with. Most importantly, how quick they process payments and what these property owners have to say about the research company’s services. You have to determine whether or not these property owners recommend the companies as well as any reasons they do not.

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