What You Should Know Concerning A Side Channel Blower

A reliable piece of equipment used to move gas and mixtures of gas and air through systems that must have consistent and flawless service is the side channel blower. This blower type typically runs with less noise than other vacuum pumps and compressors. In addition to that, they are generally made in single or double models with dual capabilities in pressure and vacuum style systems.

Blowers of this type offer pulsation-free gas flow which is necessary for high differential pressure situations. Beverage bottling, environmental technology, plastics manufacturing, printing, paper making, pneumatic conveying and wood pressure treating are some of the industries that use these blowers. Some things that can be done with them are process cooling, aeration, process drying, air knife applications and fume or heat extraction.

With flow rates ranging up to 550 cubic meters per hour, many side channel blower designs are built to provide consistent steady flow of gas, gas-air mixtures, or clean filtered air over a long period. They are built to withstand constant use, often under high temperatures (one offers steady performance at 40 degrees Celsius).

The materials used are corrosion resistant and solid, yet lightweight. They are quiet, efficient, and maintenance free. There is a range of motor classes that can be used with side channel style blowers, so purchasers need to match their use requirements with the motor output for each class when determining the correct model for their application.

The typical metals used in construction of side channel blowers are aluminum and aluminum alloy. These 50/60 Hz voltage motors are designed for international use, and can be mounted vertically or horizontally as required. There are even some three-phase versions that are being offered by some makers to provide the option for single, double, or triple phase action.

There is often little maintenance required on most models and they use kinetic energy for applying pressure to gas-air mixtures, or gas and then released through the side channel. Nearly all automation applications requiring large volumes air that is dry in conjunction with low vacuum and pressure levels can use side channel style blowers with good results.

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