What You’re Missing Out On If You Don’t Offer iPad Digital POS

More recent innovations in technology have indeed made things easier. It’s actually quite difficult to assume how the world – and businesses for that matter – was able to efficiently function a few decades ago, back when there were not really the micro supercomputers of present. But much has changed and also the ebb and the flow of technology has taken to the fore some truly fantastic offering that indeed make businesses more streamlined, more manageable and more lucrative. At the forefront of the following wave of digital solutions may be the iPad digital POS system with regard to food service businesses and food orientated entities.

Top Features of iPad Electronic POS System
There are many caveats that are enjoyed when you are wise and ditch your outdated and bulky, costly and obsolete point of sale system for any cutting edge iPad digital POS. Let’s dig into some of the top benefits so that you can better understand why more restaurants are improving their operations and management and increasing sales with this particular state-of-the-art POS software in location.
? 95% cheaper than any conventional point of sale system (POS)
? Features complete inventory management – understand what you are selling and what you have in stock at all times (including what is in your wine cellar)
? Streamlines customer service by showcasing integrated and secure payment from table via iPad digital selections
? No more costly software licenses and no more costly and time eating and frustrating updates
? Works on any iPad pill or iPhone device for simple use
? Leading software offers digital menu software contained in the iPad digital POS solution
? Secure batch processing ensures best encryption rates
? One-button reporting reduces managerial time allocated to previously tedious and time consuming reporting
? Improve staff functions, reduce food order errors and vastly improve customer service
? An iPad digital POS will pay for itself within the first 3 months on average
? Takes up less space because the system functions on slim apple ipad tablets; no more bulky terminals

Synch iPad Digital POS with your iPad Digital Menus for a good All-in-One Solution
One last thing to consider is what about those boring paper menus that you simply used to offer to your guests? With an iPad digital POS answer, you can upgrade to iPad digital menus for any very affordable rate (as possible even lease or finance the tablets you have to provide these menus for from low monthly rates). Imagine offering feature loaded and attractive digital menus to guests that truly in the “WOW” factor and that also track and manage your inventory, sell more food and reduce wait times, fill more empty tables and truly impress your guests like nothing you’ve seen prior. And all of this along with reduced headaches, fewer annual overhead costs and an entirely secure and easy-to-use iPad digital POS solution.

Aptito’s iPad digital POS solution is the all-in-one jetsetter that you’ve been looking for. Complete inventory management and tracking, secure batch processing, payment at table options and the ability to synch to any iPad tablet at the push of a button, as well as being able to offer digital menus via the included digital menu software, truly makes this one saucy offering. Get started with Aptito’s iPad digital POS solution today for only $99.99 per month, no contracts, cancel at any time!

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