Which Affiliate Networks Are Really Worth Your Time

When you want to earn money online but aren’t sure how to get started one of the best things you can do is join an affiliate network. When you are an affiliate you promote things (products or services) and if your promotions turn into sales, you earn commissions on those sales. If you want to learn about web business and earn some extra income at the same time, this is the best way to do that. There are a lot of incredibly successful entrepreneurs who started out as affiliates. So just which affiliate networks are most worth joining? Which networks are nothing more than scams? This article is going to help you figure all of that out.

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes on internet marketing, you’ve probably heard of Clickbank. Clickbank is one of the largest and most diversified affiliate networks online. A diverse range of goods are available, covering a variety of sizes, shapes and kinds. For the most part the products are offered up by independent sellers but there are some highly reputable products as well. This network, which has been around for well over a decade, is highly reliable and pays its affiliates on time and is always aboveboard. The only thing you’ll really have to deal with is whether or not the seller and their product are for real and deliver on the promises they made.

Zanox offers you straight monetization and affiliate networking–it is a hybrid affiliate network. What you do is set up a store within the Zanox system. You come up with products to sell within your store and then, on your blog or on your website, you promote the store itself (or get other people to promote the store as well). You earn a commission on every single thing that you sell through your store. Plenty of networks online will work like this. It’s not a great place to get your start if you are new to affiliate marketing but if you already have a blog or another website that you’d like to monetize, this could be a good way to begin the transition between regular publisher and affiliate marketing.

Is there a certain product you really love? Try to find out if the product can be marketed through an affiliate scheme. There are plenty of networks that people overlook. Avon, for example, is a great version of a product focused affiliate network. You can make commissions no matter how you choose to sell Avon products, even by promoting offline. Tupperware employs the same system. You simply have to take the time to do some research because there are many products that offer affiliate marketing opportunities. You can become an affiliate by promoting a product or a brand you really care about. The support from a network isn’t as good and it’s usually harder to work with networks in any case.

You can join forces with any number of fantastic or terrible affiliate networks.

Some of these enjoy quite high rankings and have got fantastic reputations. Others are widely known for being scam artists and getting people to work for pennies. The only way to figure out which is good and which is bad is to do some homework. The information we’ve provided here is just the beginning; some homework done on your own will turn up lots more.

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