Why New Years Call Just Will not Work?

As the New Year draws upon us, many of us opt to turn over a new leaf, and set new years resolutions. Within weeks if not days of January 1st many have given up their plans for that diet, or picked up the cigarettes, or stopped exercising.

The largest problem with New Years resolutions is that we are selecting a point to open a new chapter dictated by a calendar rather than our own actions. This isn't any different to procrastinating, putting off change till tomorrow and the day following.

There's also the wider expectation that folks fail to keep their resolutions, meaning at some level you are pre-programmed that this is inescapable.

Added to which if you were truly that motivated to make those changes, you would have just made a start on it already. It is claimed that folks don’t make a change if the agony isn't sufficient, and they have no vision of where they'd like to be instead.

The next thing is to understand that you can't do everything at once, anything learned or achieved is done in a series of steps over a period of time, not in one day or single week.

You did not learn how to walk in a day, or drive a day, or perhaps to read and write. Yet now we reside in a world in which we think everything to be immediate, the microwave to cook our food, fast Web access on our portable devices, we think things now and instant feedback.

The concept of beginning your changes at that specific point in time braces that need for fast results. After all that is the reason why so many people hold out for that miracle diet pill, or silver bullet solution, or get rich quick scheme.

So what is the alternative? Concentrate on what you do want in your life, not what you don't. Instead of list things you wish to change, list the things you want as an alternative and better still don’t just write a list, visualise essentially having them.

Imagine basically having already achieved what you set out to do, what have been your major steps along the way, and which did you want to first? Just thinking in this way will remove obstructions that held you back from taking that initial step.

Take command of your life, and set your direction today, and your actions and results will certainly follow.

Andrew Wilkin is an Excellent NLP Expert, Authorized Hypnotherapist and the founderof Dream Timeline, a free site to help folks visualize their dreams using online vision boards

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