Why People Aren’t Buying Your Affiliate Products

We’ve all had those questions in our business that either stop our train of thought or slow our level of productivity down. Ranging from product creation, affiliate marketing, teleseminars, financial matters, I know in my own business I’ve come upon hundreds of business questions that I wish I could know the answer to. So, in this article I am going to answer a question I’ve had about affiliate marketing.

Here is the question:

Through promoting an affiliate products I’ve been able to refer over 25 people through my link. The problem is, I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong because I haven’t made any sales.

Here is the answer:

There are a variety of things that will affect the conversion of any product. Ranging from the copy of the salesletter, how the product is placed to the call to action and the bonuses or guarantees.

Knowing the multiple variables that affect conversion rates it is also important to know that it often takes 25 or more clicks of any one product in order to generate sales. The number of sales made will be greatly influenced by the type of traffic being sent there.

For example, if 40 cat lovers clicked through to a dog training website, the likelihood of any sales being made would be next to zero. That’s why my biggest piece of advice for any affiliate would be to focus on the quality of the traffic you are sending.

Promoting to people that fit within the target market for the product is essential. After doing this you want to position the product correctly so that it appeals to all the key issues that market is looking for.

* What are that market’s biggest frustrations or challenges?

* Think about what are their desires?

* Think about what your market wants? (ex. free time, more money, more influence etc.)

By answering these questions you will be really getting into the mind of the people you are promoting to. By doing this you’ll be able to position the products you are promoting much better and therefore the traffic you bring will be much more targeted. Of course, this is assuming that you are promoting to people who are already somewhat targeted for the type of product you are promoting.

Before you can really step back and figure out where you might be able to improve your promotion you have to remember it typically takes at least 100-200 clicks to find any real problems. It is at that point where you have enough data to be able to make a judgment properly.

The first thing you want to start with is making sure you are promoting to the appropriate target market for the product you are offering. The next step would be to focus on how you are positioning that product to them.

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