Why Use Non-Woven Bags

There are a lot of threats in our environment today. One of those is the growing amount of rubbish materials that blocks drains, threatens wild and sea life, pollutes oceans, and congests landfills. Those contaminants are most likely paper and plastic bags. Fortunately, there are environmentally-conscious retailers that help to reduce the damage. They now encourage their customers to shop using reusable bags instead of issuing plastic bags as was their norm. Customers may think it’s a little inconvenient at first, but they sooner or later agree to the new practice as they understand that there’s wisdom in reducing the use of plastic bags. Both the consumers and establishments now favour to use far superior alternatives to disposable bags, like non woven bags.

Though not precisely a novel idea, non woven bags have increased popularity recently when many industries started to discourage the use of disposable bags. Customers prefer to use these environmentally friendly bags as merchants promote them. But what are non woven bags and why people claim that they are better alternate options to standard plastic and paper bags?

They’re made from polypropylene (PP), a plastic polymer which a chemical composition of C3H6. They’re generally produced from recycled resources, and are completely recyclable. Unlike regular plastics and papers, these bags are washable, hard-wearing, and can be used again and again. It’s true that both paper and plastic bags are reusable as well, but only up to three to four times before they give in totally.

Many companies prefer to give away or sell non woven bags because the bags are effortlessly printed on. They can have their name and brand printed on the bags, and use them as advertising tools. Its material’s high melting point gives non-woven bags an ink printable quality. It provides heat to melt ink and allow it to be transferred to the fabric.

Non woven bags are relatively expensive, though, that’s why they aren’t usually given for free in shops, unlike plastic and paper bags. But because people pay for them, they are even more valued than their less durable counterparts. Furthermore, they are only expensive at first. The truth is that they are less expensive and more practical to use in the long run since they can be reused a lot more times than regular disposable bags.

These days, many paper bag printing Singapore companies now offer non-woven bags to furnish the demands of the industry. If you need bags for your business, select colours and print designs that stand out and best represent your business for maximum effect. Also, select a non woven bag Singapore printing service that provides quality and cost-effective bag prints at discounted wholesale price. Non woven bag printing is becoming a fad.

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