3 Methods to Select a Good Home Tutor in Singapore

For the Singaporean parent, it can be stressful to raise children in Singapore. Being a knowledge based economy, Singapore is dependent on it’s educated workforce to drive her economy forward. As a result, it is no wonder that parents are worried about how their children fare in school. Some parents worry that formal education in schools isn’t enough and make use of home tuition to supplement their children’s education.

Home tutors and tuition assignments is available literally everywhere in Singapore for every subject and every level. But to engage a reliable one can make a huge difference towards the type of results your child can achieve. Tuition agencies generally find suitable candidates for you to choose. Nevertheless, it is also important that you know what to look out for in a tutor. So how do you filter out the gold mines from the remaining average tutors?

1. Qualifications. On the top of the list, a tutor has to be knowledgeable and qualified on the subject he/she could teach. I personally think that if you have not gotten at the very least a B or A for the subject, you don’t comprehend the subject sufficiently to teach. So when looking for a tutor, the first thing you need to request is their certification. Request to see your tutor’s certificates. When evaluating tutors in Singapore, you can look at either the A Level certificates or O level certificates. Many agencies offer these types of services to check these certificates in advance.

2. Experience. Second of all, a private tutor must have experience with teaching. This is often easily evaluated when the tutor teaches the lessons. In most cases, tutors would’ve their own personal set of notes or have his/her special technique of teaching, this way you would know that the tutor has dissected the syllabus. You could depend upon your private tutor to make the lessons enjoyable and straightforward for your child. However, a tutor that has to refer back to the notes to answer questions will be a detrimental. Inexperienced tutor who are not confident in their teaching methods and would often fumble when teaching.

3. Passion. Thirdly, a tutor should have the PASSION to educate. Although this is one of the most crucial qualities of any good tutor, many tutors lack it. A passionate tutor who regards coaching like a enjoyable and satisfying job will likely not rest till he sees improvements in his tutee. You can rest assured that your tutor will do his utmost to deliver the lessons in a fun and interesting way, where learning ceases to be a chore. And most importantly, passionate tutors inspire tutees to perform well in examinations and instill within them the need for education in Singapore. Passionate tutors tend not to mind going further to clear any questions their tutee may have, even though it might take a little bit more creativity and time. This often times will be teaching beyond their job scope and giving up time on their part.

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