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What kind of upholstery do you do? Over the years I have done everything from awnings and marine work to automotive restoration and even a few aviation jobs. My commercial clients have been well pleased with our service, quality and quick turn around. In the past few years I have concentrated more on residential, commercial and antique work. I suppose I have done hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of furniture.

How do I apply for other Aviation jobs? Click on the Click here to apply button to register your interest in the specific job of your choice. When applying for a Maintenance position, If you have already sent us your details within the last three months simply fill in your name, email address and contact number and click on the Submit button. If you have not sent us your details yet please complete the longer application form and click on the Submit button.Resume Imcomplete” warning when using I-Apply service normally means that your resume is missing one or more of the vital sections. For example – your Education section may not be filled out.

I want to be a professional pilot, what suggestions do you have? Aviation is unlike many other careers- it offers challenge, and adventure, and many aviation jobs also offer wonderful benefits such as large salaries and travel privileges. The road to becoming an aviation professional is not an easy or inexpensive one. It can be compared to becoming a lawyer or doctor in some ways.Yes, the airline industry is going through a restructuring and is learning to adapt to the changes in which people travel and purchase transportation services. While many of the original airlines may disappear, there are and will be new, more innovative companies to replace the older companies.

Q2: How does your Instant FAX service work? If a FAX number is supplied with the job opening, you will be able to click on it and open an I-Fax pop-up window. As soon as you submit an I-Fax form we will send your resume (kept in our database) to the destination Fax number. This is a fee-based service since in most cases long-distance fees apply to Fax transmissions. We charge the same low flat fee, regardless of where in the world you want your resume Faxed.Here is a similar question: “Information about most of the listed job openings is available free of charge on the respective web sites, so are we paying for otherwise free information?” The answer to this and other similar questions is NO. You are paying 25?? a day?? for not having to visit hundreds of web sites on a daily basis (unless you absolutely want to). Please check the constantly growing list of employers/recruiters whose jobs can be found on AviaNation.

What is the Capital Improvements Management Office? The Capital Improvements Management Office (CIMO) is an initiative advanced by Kansas City’s mayor, City Council and city manager to accelerate the delivery of City capital improvement projects. CIMO is an integrated team of Public Works, Water Services, Aviation, and Parks and Recreation staff, as well as staff from other supporting departments, consolidated into one centralized area of government.Career Education is a national system of privately operated colleges that focus on high quality career education.

Piloting is my dream, what does it take to get paid to fly? Obviously it is not possible to get paid to be a private pilot, and as a matter of fact it is strictly against the law to accept money for flying at the private level (with certain very specific exceptions). Also, no company is going to hire a commercial pilot with flight experience short of about 1000 hours. There is however, a way for you to receive compensation for flying as a commercial pilot with relatively low hours, and that is for you to become a flight instructor (see outline below).No – not as long as you have the right attitude and expectations. You must also be willing to put in some hard work – aviation is not an industry that provides an easy path to a high paying job. The high paying jobs are there – but it’s a fairly rocky path! You must be willing to move to where the work is, and to accept that the industry operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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