Bartending 101: Five Steps To Double Your Tips

If you’re a bartender, even the most successful of bartenders, it’s likely you’re seeing a few less customers give today’s economic climate. If this unfortunate reality is eroding your tips, it’s time to take charge.

Here are five tried and true steps to double your tips:

Double Your Tips Strategy #1: Attract A Bit Of Attention

If your establishment gives you a bit of wardrobe latitude, glam it up a bit. Here’s an example … just for fun, a young man and young woman were working the same bar shift and were planning to attend a mutual friend’s wedding the next day. For their shift, he wore a stylish tux and she complemented the look with a short black cocktail dress. It drew attention to the bar, they sold more drinks, and cashed in on the tips!

Double Your Tips Strategy #2: Hold An Impromptu Contest

Here’s a great one that’s very topical. A bartender at a local establishment gathered the crowd around the bar and gave them all a piece of paper and pencil. Each customer was given a time limit of three minutes to name as many U.S. Presidents as they could. The winner got a free drink. Further, the contest had the desired effect, as people got talking to one another, more drinks were sold, and more tips were given. By the way, some brainiac at the bar was able to name every single president, in order!

Double Your Tips Strategy #3: Create A Special Birthday Drink

This is a great strategy for your regulars. Be creative and come up with a special drink, or shot, just for them. They’ll undoubtedly appreciate your thoughtfulness and will almost always feel obliged to leave you a great tip.

Double Your Tips Strategy #4: Work With The DJ Part One

If you work at an establishment with the DJ, remember they are always the center of attention. Getting a little help from them can help your tips skyrocket. Have the DJ announce your drink specials and mention you by name, with you of course smiling and waving to the crowd. It’s a sure fire strategy to get people to order drinks specifically from you.

Double Your Tips Strategy #5: Work With The DJ Part Two

You can work with the DJ in a few other ways. Ask him to announce your name and even ask people to tip you. Sounds blunt, but it works! Also, have the DJ ask if anyone is celebrating a birthday. After verification, the DJ sends the celebrant over to the bar, where you have a free shot waiting for them. Usually, the birthday guy or gal is with a bunch of friends, all of whom will descend upon the bar as well. This translates to more drinks being sold, and more tips!


Remember, if you’re a bartender, you’re a salesperson and entertainer all wrapped into one. Use a bit of creativity to get people to the bar, and then turn on the charisma. Your tips will skyrocket!

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