Basic Pointers on Interviewing a Potential Live-In Housekeeper

A live-in housekeeper is important for a lot of households especially among families who have a busy lifestyle, demanding work schedule and time-consuming jobs and careers. Having somebody to do the work at home such as the cleaning, food preparation and laundry becomes a necessity in such situations. Still, it is important to take the time to interview an applicant for the safety of your home.

Here are some helpful hints to consider during an interview with an applicant.

First thing to consider is the personal background of your potential live-in housekeeper. Ask for the full name, age, nationality, religion and civil status to check if the applicant meets your preferences. It is important to pay enough attention to the nationality and religion because these factors have great influence on a person’s behaviour, character and practices. It is important for you to know such information since you are hiring somebody to live with you in your home. Determining these factors can avoid future conflicts in your household.

Secondly, ask the applicant if she can handle the job and how she intends to do her responsibilities. Determine her ability to do the major household chores and if she has other skills. Check your personal preferences if they are aligned with this applicant. Get to know her health status and if she is physically and mentally capable to handle the job. Try to ask her about her limitations, previous illnesses, conditions and when she had her last medical check-up. Ask if she is currently taking any medications.

Third set of question should include previous jobs and employment background. Ask the applicant about her previous jobs, former employers, reasons for leaving and the responsibilities that she handled before. Determine her strengths and weaknesses based on her previous job experiences. Also, it is important that you ask how she handled her previous jobs and responsibilities. Try to take note of her gestures as she explains and make eye contact. This can help you measure the level of honesty and sincerity as well.

Lastly, ask the applicant if she had ever been subjected to police disciplinary measures. Ask her to explain in full detail and take the time to listen and sense her sincerity. Ask for police clearances and check for any criminal records. Although these can be acquired from the agency, asking the applicant directly is also for your own security.

Remember to double check all the information handed down to you by the agency. Check for the consistency of the records and be assertive in getting to know the applicant better.

Conducting an interview is one of the best ways to find an ideal live-in housekeeper who best meets your standards and the demands of your home.

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