Career As A Financial Advisor 101

by Mei Wertz

Even though the economy is slowing down, financial advisor job is still in high demand.

Financial advisor expertise is always needed, especially when the economy turns around.

So be prepare to make a good come back when the world economy turns around.

Financial advisor must have at least a college degree and a good knowledge of complex financial markets.

In addition, a good grasp of the ever-growing complexity of the financial industry is essential to conduct technical financial analyses. Having good industry knowledge is not enough.

Such business is people business. Trust must be earned before your client can trust you.

One of the primary requirement is to have a license to operate. There are specific examinations that must be taken and passed to get that license.

The license will allow you to represent clients. However, there might be slight differences in the licensing requirements at different states.

However, most will need sponsorship by reputable brokerage firms such as American Express or Fidelity.

It is a requirement to work work with a registered brokerage firm for at least four months, before they can work independently, once the exam is passed.

Many states also require the financial advisor to pass a secondary test, with the focus on testing the candidate’s general knowledge in securities, stock business and a good understanding of customer protection laws, procedures and liabilities.

Such courses are usually done through online as the candidates are often working professionals.

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