Conducting Yourself in an Airline Job InterviewConducting yourself in a work interview

So you eventually get the airline job interview you’ve been hoping for. The amount of individuals that turn up for their interview under prepared and not dressed in an acceptable manner is reasonably amazing.

Some key points that people must be aware of before attending an interview.

First dress in an appropriate demeanour for the position you are signing up for. If you're going for a position as a Pilot, Cabin Crew member and even an Aviation Engineer, ensure you are wearing business attire. Dress to impress.

Second, shake the hands of the people interviewing you. It shows character. And do not forget to look them in the eyes while you're talking. Direct eye contact shows you are not making an attempt to hide anything and that you are not lying to them when you reply their questions.

Thirdly, don’t slouch forward or backwards. Sit upright and give the impression at least if you'd like to be there.

Fourthly, watch the way in which you speak to the interviewer. Don’t swear, or use jargon language.

Ultimately, make certain you ask one or two questions at the end of the interview, and make sure you don't bad mouth your current or previous companies. They do not want the idea that you will do likewise to them later in your working life.

The airline industry is an exciting career opportunity for those job seekers who have the right attitude, a strong work ethic and dedication to do the best they can, the effort you put in now to win over your future employer could be the starting point you need to let your airline career develop.

Good luck with the aviation work interview. Make sure you stay cool, breath, and remember the most horrible thing they can say to you is “No”. So relax and luxuriate in the moment.

The team at Just Aviation offer recommendations to assist your airline career aspirations. The airline industry is growing and will continue to grow and is one of the most thrilling careers you can join.

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