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What is the current job outlook for this profession?
The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the current number of pharmacy technician jobs at approximately 275,000. By 2012, this number is expected to increase by as much as 35 percent due to the continued creation of new medications created by pharmaceutical industries to treat all types of illness and disease.

Can only hospitals advertise?
The site only advertises pharmacist and technician jobs in hospital pharmacy, but will consider advertising jobs that are specifically of interest to hospital pharmacists/technicians.Well, since you’re obviously an internet user, you can access our job listings on the internet! Go to (or link to it from our Employment page). The jobs are posted in alphabetical order by their title (i.e. archaeologist or forestry technician). This is a listing of Forest Service jobs nation-wide.

How does the whole computer support process work, from start to finish?
The client starts by creating a user account (or logging in) and filling out an online form that describes the computer issue and tells the technician the best time to call. The support request is posted on the job board. Technicians log in, go to the job board and review those jobs that match their skill set. From this list they can choose to view and then accept any case.New tasks are not added directly. First a class must be added. Then fixed assets must be specified within the classes, and the appropriate technician must be defined.

How many sonographer technicians are there across the U.S.?
Again, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, sonographer tech school alumni held about 42,000 jobs in 2004. About 60 percent of these ultrasound technician jobs were in public and private hospitals, while the majority of the balance were in physicians offices, or in medical and diagnostic laboratories, including diagnostic imaging centers.It is up to the technician to check the job board frequently. When a technician logs in and goes to the job board, the list of cases will be limited to those jobs that match their skills. These skills were defined when the technician signed up and created their profile. When entering a new case, returning clients can notify specific technicians that they have worked with before, and want to work with again.

What are you gonna send me?
The Artist’s Guide to Starting a Career in the Music Business. This guide shows you step by step how to create a successful band: The Production Guide to Starting a Career in the Music Business.Well, if you repair cars or train to be an oil burner technician, you will get dirty, real dirty and will need to contend with a lot of strong odors on a daily basis. A carpenter or brick layer is a lot cleaner, but the jobs more dangerous.

Do you charge for time driving to and from a supply house?
Some jobs might require only 15 minutes of labor to perform, but you’ll see the service technician disappear for an hour or more to go pick up parts not stocked in the truck. Supply houses are some of the favorite hangouts of many service techs. Many serve free coffee and snacks to their customers, and it’s a great place to catch up on the latest industry gossip.Technicians are not required to start new jobs on weekends, but they are required to pick up animals. Some technicians do choose to work on weekends, but that is up to the individual technician.

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