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Career resources are everywhere, free, and some that cost. Most are free however, because they want to encourage people to pursue those careers. They are targeted towards teenagers nearing the end of high school, as well as adults that want to further their education and search for a different career. We spend much of our time doing our jobs, so its important to find one that you truly love.

The internet is filled with websites, resources, advice, and college career planning information. A simple google search for free career information will return millions of results. The information is out there, and its easy to get. Many websites will aide in helping you find the right career for your personality as well as plenty of information outlining specific career profiles. All for free! Seeing a professional career advisor could cost hundreds, but the internet is nice enough to provide millions of pages worth of information for free.

Every university and high schools counselor office will offer you pamphlets for free. These little booklets are usually comprised of a personality test that can pinpoint your “future career” as well as brief career profile information. These are beneficial if you need to have information on hand at all times.

College campuses are also a good place to start for free career information. Most campuses, community colleges, and universities alike will offer free career information. In the form of humans giving you a tour, and explaining things to you in great depth. These tour guides and counselors will be able to answer all of your questions about careers.

College fairs are also more focused on obtaining a career. While they are not strictly about a job or future permanent career, they really try to focus on the career that the university puts emphasis on. So if a college visits your high school, or you visit a campus during a college fair; you are more than likely going to hear a lot about their specialty. Some colleges focus on English and writing careers, and others specialize in engineering and agriculture.

Career fairs are a lot like college fairs, but targeted towards adults or young people who are not necessarily at a college yet, or have undecided opinions for what they want to do the rest of their lives. Career fairs are free, and offer plenty of information on the worlds most popular and rising careers.

Closing Comments

Career information doesn’t end at an internet web page. There are several places both physical and digital that offer free information on the careers you are most interested in!

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