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It is obvious that businesses everywhere are profit-driven operations that must constantly work at staying profitable. Large or small, the business of staying in business is a consuming task. Each business must develop a product or service, market that product or service, and compete against other companies trying to pick up the available market. Anyone who has run a business can appreciate what it takes to keep their operation running and profitable.

The business community is finally acknowledging the call to Go Green. While not the culprit portrayed by years of television, business has done its fair share to pollute the community, suck up resources, and hurt the environment. Going Green is not something businesses want to do, but the handwriting is on the wall, and businesses are finally willing to implement a Green program. Municipal, state, and federal regulations will force even the most resistant company to take environmental steps.

Making a business environmentally sound is more work than one might imagine. First of all, environmentalism is an immense subject with too many paths to travel. Like chasing chickens, confusion forces the best intentions to settle for the most simple answers. This is why it is easier to donate money than to disrupt business. Businesses will tend to go for token efforts because they cannot commit the time and energy to conquer this take effectively.

Regardless of what you have heard, most businesses are concerned about the environment, but frankly too committed to the task of keeping the business running to do much about it. Every new commitment takes time, energy, and money away from the primary duties of the operation. Therefore, it is far more simple to give money to causes or attend a Green conference. Squeezing out one more serious involvement may not be possible for many businesses.

Busy businesses have outsourced there accounting, tax preparation, and marketing so that they can stay on target with their basic business duties. This, I believe, will be the smartest business model for the Green consultant. Unfortunately, there is a vacuum of need that is unmet by the market. Green consultants are needed, and they are needed now. Otherwise, we will see the self-appointed and ill-advised consultant step into this gap.

The Green Clean Consultant is a trademark course available only through the Green Business League. The next class will be held in Chicago, IL and then throughout the U.S. There is a class size limit, but why wait? The Green Clean Institute supports this course on a national level as well. This is one credential that holds up under scrutiny making your success a part of a much larger success team.

Find out more about this business opportunity at, but be aware that these classes will fill up quickly. We allow for a maximum of 50 students per class, and this program requires people with a serious environmental commitment and a willingness to work businesses in your community.

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