Importance Of Confidence

Have EYE contact when you look at some other someone. Look at them!! Dont look down at your shoes or away from the other person. Dont look around the room for someone else who may be more entertaining.

Be genuine in communicating (talking!) with another person. Give them your undivided care. Act involved! Respond to their inquiries with a positive answer.

NETWORKING requires time, but

Job success means interaction. It means Participation and Involvement with others in the business community. Making TRUST in the marketplace is an imperative. BRAND yourself as one who is a contributor of time and money to precious cases. Make your city a better place to live and a place to do business by who you are.

A Important SMILE

Intensities are quietly spoken when you express salutations or welcome with a smile. Few of us can help but return a smile to another person. Just a ready walk down the street and almost everyone you meet will reply in kind. You smile. They smile back.

If you send out out a BIG frown on your face then youll think a lot of people are just not happy today. You sent the wrong message. Even when things are not great it still makes sense to reflect your best side to others.

Always think that everyone has an rare bad day. Most of us dont have to go very far to find someone with more problems far greater than our own.

PHONE Good Manners pays dividends

How do you respond to a friend who calls you on the phone? Do you take the time from your engaged day to be well-mannered? Most of us respond in kind on the phone.

Should I ask about the telemarketer who called? Do you take time to be courteous to a person you do not know? Do you just hang up? Talk ugly to them?

Something worth remembering about the telemarketer is that they are In Effect and trying to make a living to feed their family. Buy garments for their children. Yes, I know that their call may have disturbed your dinner party. You were doing something important and I understand the feeling.

Unrestricted folks need training

How to reply the phone is NOT rocket science. Even the best of professionals exit miserably in dealing with their public.

Preachers, Doctors, Executive Directors and many others FAIL to pass the courtesy test for phone etiquette. You know some of them just as I do.

Your VOICE is either smiling when you answer the phone or displeased. One says, glad you called, nice to see from you. The other says, what do you want? Im fantastic, so rushing up.

Set Up a big mirror beside your telephone set and see if you are smiling for your guests who call you on the phone. Be sure that you are NOT sending out the wrong message.

Would you greet someone at the front door or in your front office the same as you do on the phone? In the elevator or down the steps is another time for courtesy. Should I observe AUTO [car] driving/riding road rage? Another story!

Achiever IN Processed

Act as if achiever is already in the bag. Triumph in battle comes to those who have a assured can do attitude. Your TOP salesperson trusts and recognise he or she will be self-made in the sales field. You can too!

Explore their vocabulary and the word cant does not last. Highly self-made sales executives exercise positive reasonable. Nothing is left to chance. Being ready is simply their average good mode.

Destinations are seen as already established BEFORE they actually happen. Success is visualized in the mind which motivates
focussed action. Your mind is prestigious and ready to see to show to act on your goals.

Implementing Tip: Trust in yourself. A smile is contagious and serious of your secret soul. Show respect and courtesy to everyone under all destiny. Believe in victory and success with your goals in advance. Realise the future. Have NO monkeys. Empower others to make decisions. Experience quietude within. See your success in advance within your subconsceous.

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