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So, is Masonry education?
Yes. In a very real sense, education is at the center of Masonry. We have stressed its importance for a very long time. Back in the Middle Ages, schools were held in the lodges of stonemasons. You have to know a lot to build a cathedral — geometry, and structural engineering, and mathematics, just for a start. And that education was not very widely available. All the formal schools and colleges trained people for careers in the church, or in law or medicine.

Can my cellar be converted?
Virtually any cellar or basement can be made habitable using modern waterproofing solutions and structural engineering techniquesThe Pool Engineering, Inc. Standard Pool Structural Plan includes typical details for a standard pool wall in low, moderate or highly expansive soils, and pool walls adjacent to a patio or building structure. Typical details such as an attached spa, skimmer, and light niche are also included in the Standard Pool Structural Plan.

How do I deal with zoning permits?
Zoning and permitting can and does vary widely between different states, counties and cities. We have a structural engineering program that will determine whether a particular size dome will meet your county’s requirements for wind, snow and seismic resistance. We are also willing to talk with county inspectors or engineers that may have questions about the domes. Please call us if you have any questions.We subcontract some of our specialised work ? structural steel works and waterproofing for example. This saves our clients time and money, since we could not possibly have the in-house expertise and equipment available from the best subcontractor specialists. But please note that we are able to work very closely and efficiently with our subcontractors, since most have been associated with us for many years and have become part of our extended “family”.Yes, we continuously and competitively bid for projects but we prefer to “negotiate” contracts with owners.

Will I get the best price with Al Wahabah?
We may not be the least expensive contractor and engineering services provider. We focus on helping our clients get the best value, not necessarily the lowest price. As we learn the priorities, we fine-tune our recommendations regarding subcontractors, materials and methods to help our clients and their designers realise the highest satisfaction for their budget.Because these plans have already undergone a great deal of thought by the designers and have been through structural and engineering reviews, it translates into savings on time and project costs. Our Open-Built digital backbone means that these electronically stored designs can be quickly and efficiently modified to meet your needs without going to the expense of brand new custom plans.

What if we already have our own architect and/or interior designer? Can you still work with us?
Of course. In fact, more of our work is designed by outside designers than in-house. We love to be inspired by the ideas of architects and designers, although we prefer to be involved early in the project so we can consult on design and help keep costs down.On fixed-price projects change orders occur when the owner requests a change in the scope of the work. We use our programme control and accounting system to generate a written change order for each change, which must then be approved in writing by the owner before it becomes binding. On Time & Materials jobs, we sometimes use “change orders,” but often we simply revise the budget periodically to reflect any changes that have occurred since the last budget revision.We provide computerised schedules for every project we undertake.

What is a typical payment schedule?
We invoice every two weeks for work that has been completed previous to the billing date. A down payment is usually required prior to commencement of a project. On fixed-price projects, we provide a detailed percent-complete billing, listing each job category and the percent complete (and billable) to date. Time & Materials invoices provide details on all labour, subcontractors, materials and fees for the billing period.A “negotiated” contract means that from the outset we work with the owner to develop a project. On larger projects, we work very closely with the architect or designer as well. After an initial telephone conversation, an appointment is made to view the project.

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