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What type of career advancement does Gannett offer?
Gannett has a long tradition of promoting from within. Our growth has created many avenues of advancement across the company for motivated employees who perform well. In fact, we have positions today that did not even exist just a few years ago, such as those involved with our online operations, custom publications, our Information Centers and new types of advertising sales.

So, what sort of money can you earn?
Figures vary from programme to production, television to radio, and corporate video to voice-overs. I’m sure you will read about six figure fees in the papers, however a bulk of the jobs are not in this league. Most work is freelance, this means you go from place to place for the type of work you want. There are salaried jobs, these are mainly in radio and tv journalism and tv continuity.

What are the employment opportunities in Public Relations?
The climate in PR is as it is in every industry – there are jobs for the people who are really, really looking to get into the industry.

How can I get a job at Motor Trend?
We generally recommend a degree in journalism or English to aspiring automotive journalists, supported by a minor in engineering and/or photography. In addition to writing skills, professional photographic skills are essential in the magazine business. Most pros start by contributing to smaller, aftermarket and road-test oriented magazines to develop skills and contacts. with any job, the keys are experience and timing.

Is financial aid available through the J-school? How do I apply?
The School of Journalism & Mass Communication offers a small number of assistantship positions to incoming students each year. All applicants who are admitted to the school are considered for funding, and no separate application is needed. Because competition is fierce, we suggest that you explore all your options for financing your graduate education. You should start with the Office of Student Financial offers non paid internship/volunteer positions to a number of qualified individuals for news reporting, editing, data entry, website developing and marketing positions.By the end of your volunteer work, you will have an excellent grounding in Forensic science journalism and an understanding of what Forensic Science is all about.

What are your interests?
Tell us about any past experience you have in the world of either film or journalism, or both if applicable. And don??t worry, there is no experience required, just a love of film. One review should be a movie you feel very passionately about. Either one you loved, or one you loathed. It can be any movie. From there your reviews will be read and analyzed by myself, the editor, and a few of our current writers. If we think you fit the bill, then you are in! And we go from there.Scholars are college juniors, seniors or recent graduates with majors in journalism or goals of daily newspaper careers.

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