Locating a Quality Temp Agency

Recruiting agencies can be beneficial to both job seekers and businesses for a variety of reasons. Below are a few of the things that employers and potential employees should look for when they are on the hunt for a high quality human resource consulting firm.

Tips for job seekers

– Job placement percentages

Although some people, like students or retirees, enjoy hopping from job to job, many job seekers would like to be hired on permanently. Thankfully, hr consulting firms can get temporary employees into entry level positions at major companies. Should you perform well, you may have an option to become a full time employee. Be sure that the temp agency you work for get offers for temp to perm contracts, especially if you are looking for a permanent position, as some recruiting agencies only specialize in freelance contractors.

– Salary compensation

You shouldn’t settle for less than what you are worth just because you are working with a recruiting agency. A temp agency firm should make sure you obtain pay that is comparable with your experience. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule. For example, a potential temp to perm position where you will make more upon being hired on full time may be worthwhile, especially if you are working at a well recognized, worthwhile organization.

– Care about your career needs and goals

Temp agencies make a lot of money when a temp is hired on permanently by a company. This gives them tremendous incentatives to ?sell you? to the highest bidder so to speak. However, many people chose to work through recruiting agencies because they desire to find a job they would enjoy. The agency should not only care about their bottom line but what you are looking for as well. In other words, an hr consulting firm should listen intently to the type of job environment you are seeking and place you accordingly. Tips for businesses

– Established and Experience

Most business owners and managers are well aware that reputation and experience are the hallmarks of a successful company. When looking into human resource consulting organization, managers and hr representatives should take into account how reputable the company is. Do they have references? When was the company established? How big is the company and what is their rate of placement? Asking these very important questions will weed out the upstarts from the competent and knowledgeable temp agencies.

– Quality of job pool

The defining point of any service is the quality of service that is offered. In the hr consulting world this translates into the caliber of the temp workers that the company has to offer. If you have very specific needs, then the people sent to you must be capable and able to fulfill those needs with very little training and supervision. One of the primary reasons for hiring a temp agency is to eliminate this process. While it is feasible that a worker may have to understand your way of doing things, they should posses enough basics to do what is necessary to get work done. Candidates who are ill suited for what you need accomplished will only waste you time. This is why it is essential to assess the quality of the employees that are hired on by recruitment firms.

– Affordability

Whether you are a small business or a fortune five hundred company, all businesses have to consider the cost of any given service. The value you receive for the services have to make logical business sense. In this regard, the cost incurred by utilizing a human resource consulting firm has to pay for itself.

Temp agencies have consistently brought reliable employees to the employers who are in dire need of them. For this very reason they will always exist, which is welcome news for all concerned.

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