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Rising property taxes are a point of contention for most people and helping homeowners contest unfair higher assessments can be one of the best home based business opportunities that provide real income today. The fact is that homeowners need a watch dog to help them with their property tax.

Many families can use someone to look over their shoulders when it comes to their property taxes. Few have the knowledge or time to figure out if they are overpaying their taxes. Many errors exist, especially with comparable home prices decelerating. This legitimate home business is a legitimate home business opportunity. As a property tax consultant, you help people with their taxes.

Property tax consultants work on a contingency basis. What that means is that they do not charge their customers other than a onetime investigation fee for their services unless they win a property tax assessment reduction for their client.

If you win the assessment appeal, the client rewards you with a portion of the property tax reduction. It doesn’t cost the homeowner anything unless you work a win for them … and it is relatively effortless to win.

Whatever amount you save the homeowner that is your fee. You spread your fee over 2 or 3 years period of time. If you clients property taxes were $8,000 and you saved them 25% on their assessment, you fee would be $2,000.

With housing prices falling, finding comparable sold homes to make your point to the tax authorities is easy. This is an excellent time to start this business idea. The process is straight forward and upon making a favorable explanation you should be able to get property taxes reduced for your client.

Property tax consultants charge a small onetime fee to analyze the property tax and property tax appeal possibilities for a client. The higher assessed homes will give you a better financial reward for the effort since the time involved with either one is about the same.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t care about their property taxes. A lot are agitated over it. And finding clients, especially in today’s financial environment, is relatively effortless. When real estate values become lower, governments raise the tax rate to meet their budget.

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