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Want to know how you can start a career as a plumber? Well, this article provides an overview of starting a plumbing career and the requirements. Plumbers often get a negative stigma in the media but they are generally intelligent and capable tradesmen with a large skill-set. Plumbing certifications have strict requirements that are dictated by the state. Plumbers will progress from apprentice to journeyman and, finally, become a certified master plumber.

Plumbers typically need skills in such things as mathematics, manual dexterity and the ability to work in uncomfortable conditions. While you can learn nearly anything through education and on-the-job training, there is no substitute for aptitude. They also need to possess good communication skills since they will typically need to interact with both customers and other tradesmen who may be working with or near them. And, as your career progresses, having some business experience or training can be extremely useful.

The path to master begins with becoming a plumbing apprentice. You can look for a union sponsored program through your state or for a government program intended to create an incentive for learning a trade. These programs combine job training with educational courses. The union sponsored programs often are in high demand and this can often lead to poor acceptance rates and long application times. Do some searching and engage the local union as to what your best opportunities are in the area.

It can be difficult to get accepted into a sponsored program. Thankfully there are alternatives to union-based programs. Look for a trade school or vocational school in your area that offers plumbing certifications. Make sure they are accredited and up-to-date with the state requirements before you enroll. Also try and look for a school with a successful job placement program. This can often take you right into a job someplace as you further your education.

It can often take around five years to finish your apprentice program with a combination of both on-site training and formal education. You will also need to take and pass an exam to test your plumbing knowledge to the level of journeyman. A journeyman plumber will typically work for four or five additional years before becoming eligible to become a master. There is a final test at this stage to test your knowledge of everything from plumbing codes for various applications to general knowledge of plumbing systems. Upon completion you are granted the title and seal of a master plumber.

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