Teaching English In Hong Kong Guide

Mastering the English language is a huge priority to the people of Hong Kong. As the business world continues to progress, so does the need for international communication skills. To keep up with rapid progress Hong Kong stresses English education and learning for everyone from childhood on up.

What types of English Teaching Jobs are there in Hong Kong?

In the event that you have chosen to tutor English in Hong Kong, there are basic qualifications that you simply must have. In some nations round the world, you’ll need a college degree and really very little else. Hong Kong, however, has high expectations for foreign lecturers.

First and foremost to become an English instructor you must obtain an employment visa, if you’re a foreigner. There is a specific list of exceptions for Australian and New Zealand citizens. Anyone else must have a valid employment visa. Employment visas require mounds of paperwork so get started early. Use the internet to help you navigate this part of the process, especially Hong Kong’s government websites.

The next step is to get TEFL certification. While this isn’t a strict requirement it is a good idea as it brings with it a wider variety of job options. Another benefit is that the pay rate for those who have TEFL certification is noticeably higher. This certification basically teaches you how to handle a classroom.

This gives you plenty of time to find a job and lengthen your visa! Please note that some countries can also get a Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa and a Hong Kong Working Visa is also easily attained once you have a job in Hong Kong. Once you settle here a valid Working Visa is easily negotiated (I got one after about a year – having spent time on a tourist visa and a working holiday visa). Is it easy to find a teaching job in Hong Kong?

Probably the biggest headache you will experience after deciding to teach English in Hong Kong will be the search for appropriate housing. In several countries, the employer that hires you may provide you with teacher’s housing for free; but, in Hong Kong this is often not the case. Luckily, most jobs in tuition centers or schools in Hong Kong do embrace a “housing allowance” alongside your regular paycheck. The idea behind the allowance provided is that will cover rent, it would be wise to take that amount into consideration when choosing how much you can afford.

I would have to say that the Job Stress level for Native English Teachers in Hong Kong is low. This is opposite to local teachers and workers however – for some bizarre reason they like to work long hours and often become slaves to their companies and wages. Please note – this is only for those who are easily led and fall into that trap. When the clock strikes 5pm, I leave work every night (as I believe everyone should) and go back to my own lifestyle of travelling and writing, which I love!

So head out to Hong Kong and get teaching English!

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