The Tasks Completed By Lawyers For Divorce

Lawyers play a crucial role in the lives of several people. The scope of this profession is so wide it acts as the go-to of several individuals looking for legal help. Assistance can be extended to corporations planning to go through licensing or incorporation; to partners asking divorce; and to individuals needing legal assistance because of criminal offences.

In the current societal trend, divorce is among the main reasons why people request for legal aid. Hence, divorce and criminal lawyers are fighting to get the top spot in the industry. However, because of the increasing demand for the said entities, Cheap Divorce Lawyers Singapore are already becoming tricky to locate. They are often the most approached. However before indulging one’s self to employ a lawyer for your divorce issues, you have to be refreshed on the services which they offer. This will also serve as a guide on how you can select an apt lawyer for your case.

Lawyers for divorce are expected to aid married couples in dissolving their marriage; this is done through following the legal processes set by the court. The process is said to be exhausting both physically and emotionally for both parties involved. In Singapore, the procedure is expected to follow two stages.

In the first stage, it begins with the application. This is assisted by the submission of related documentations which include the writ for divorce and the statement of claim and of particulars. Supplementary documentations include the parenting plan for couples with children who are 21 years old and below; as well as the matrimonial property plan if the couple owns a Housing and Development Board (HDB) condo that needs to be divided among the two parties.

After which, the documents are expected to be served to the defendant for his/ her knowledge of the divorce. If the court case is uncontested, then a set down is going to be done; which will then be followed by a divorce hearing. The next stage will already be regarding ancillary matters. Once all the elements utilised in the marriage has been settled, the final judgement can already be served.

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