Things To Consider Before Hiring A House Cleaner

by Rachel Ray

Have you ever thought about hiring help to clean your home? Some feel it is a luxury, while others consider it to be survival.

There are lots of reasons people hire house cleaners. Many people put so many hours into their careers that their precious little free time is consumer with household chores. Quite often it is worth every cent to pay someone to clean your home, so that you truly do have free time, helping to create a better work life balance.

Some people hire help because of health issues, or the elderly many time do for assistance with larger tasks, and some people simply because of time restraints in their lives.

There’s a couple of suggestions when deciding what’s best for your situation. Do you want to hire a cleaning company, or an individual who has their own business? There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

If you opt to hire a company, sometimes the rates are higher as they usually have higher overhead they need to clear. The other drawback is if you find someone that you like and trust, you may not necessarily get the individual on other cleaning appointments. However, they usually have supervisors you can complain to if you are dissatisfied with the job for recourse. Many of these companies train their employees to a certain standard.

The other side is that business owners that do their own work can sometimes be a great way to go. Their reputation is on the line, which is priceless, so they want to make sure their customers are happy. See if they are bonded or insured, if not you’ll need to decide if you are willing to take that risk or not.

When you interview your potential person here are some sample questions to ask. What are their rates? What does this include? Do they supply the cleaning products, or do you? Ask for references and check them out. Do they clean while you are home or away?

It’s very helpful for them if you have an idea of what you’d like, such as which tasks, how often and any of your expectations.

Many people are surprised once they research that it may be very affordable to them. Perhaps it means giving up a few lattes, but that might be a price you’re very willing to pay in order to gain more free time. Alot of people who hire house cleaners find it worth every cent!

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