Training as an EMT

One of the fastest growing sectors in the United States of America is health care. People of all ages, most especially the young and the elderly require a lot of medical attention. Being an EMT is about learning and getting the skills of how to respond in cases of unfortunate events an how to safeguard the lives of victims until they see a doctor. These events are numerous, some natural, others artificial. They include road, rail and water accidents, unexpected fires, floods and tsunamis which have rocked the US several times. In such cases of confusion, EMTs often step in and rescue the injured, giving them first aid and initial care, before handing them to doctors for advanced treatment.

Working as an EMT is great for those who do not love working indoors. Though travelling around can provide a sense of satisfaction, the most gratifying thing is when EMTs realize that they have saved someone’s life. That is their main objective.

What does a person have to do to become an EMT? How can someone get the necessary recognition and certification in order to carry out their work as qualified EMTs?

One of the very first steps taken in the process of becoming an EMT is getting educated in good EMT schools. These schools Are scattered countrywide. Vocational institutions, community colleges, universities and teaching hospitals are some of the best places where quality EMT education is available. What these institutions need before registering a person as a student are a degree received from high school or a GED diploma. It is very important to note that once a person has begun taking EMT classes, they must be followed to completion. This is because there are a specified number of training hours that must be reached by the EMT and which if not achieved could cause the person to forfeit certification. Every state in the country has laws that guide the procedure.

Once training is over the person must sit for compulsory examinations that then determine whether certification can be given or denied. The exams gauge the level of knowledge the EMT has received in training and his or her readiness to go to the market. One of the things checked by the exams is how the person will make decisions while dealing with emergencies.

The next stage is to ensure that the person meets all certification requirements. They include checks on the criminal record and having a driving license. However, these requirements are depend on the state.

If all the above stages have been completed successfully, the EMT can now seek official certification either with NREMT or the state department which handles their affairs. If the application is successful, the certification will be given.

There are also some online training platforms. These programs, which are found on the internet, are the best for long distance learners and those wishing to be EMTs but do not have time to physically attend lessons in a classroom. The only thing that these online schools miss is the hand-on experience which may need the trainee EMT to go and do it themselves in the field. In such cases the best way to handle this is to take volunteering tasks.

There are a number of considerations that you will discover when learning How to become an EMT. Time, effort, money and other legal requirements are just some of the things you must keep in mind. For important information please go to our website at

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