Why Would a Business Want to Use a Temp Agency

Companies may wonder why they should hire an hr consulting firm, i.e., a temp agency, to locate quality employees.

In a highly competitive corporate world, knowledgeable help can mean the difference between a constant influx of clients and bankruptcy. Statistically speaking, every disgruntled customer that leaves your establishment equals seven or more people who won’t give you a chance based on word of mouth.

That is why it is very important to locate individuals who are not only skilled technically but have a great work ethic and understand the value of supplying quality service.

When a company endeavors to locate these people themselves as opposed to hiring a human resource consulting firm, they have a hard time finding quality workers. The reason for this is multifaceted, but can often be attributed to.

– Lack of time – when a company looks for “grade A” assistance, it is often because they needed them yesterday. This can make them hire on someone who may have certain skills but could be lacking in other valuable traits, like interpersonal skills.

– Inexperience – although you may realize what you want, you may not have the ability to acquire it. People will say just about anything to obtain a job, and resumes are often padded to make them sound better than they really are. To truly screen applicants, you would need to do an in depth assessment that you may not have time for, especially if you are in a fast paced work environment.

– Hiring family members or acquaintance – It can be very tempting when we are in a pinch to hire on people you know. The problem with this is that our affection or relationship with the individual makes it impossible to be objective as to their suitability for the job. This can also lead to a ticklish situation if you need to fire them for their ineptitude.

What a reputable temp agency can offer

On the opposite end of this spectrum, an experienced temp agency knows how to expand the job pool. They usually have a team of specialized recruiters who weed out potential employees by a highly stylize criteria. By having a larger pool of candidates and a selective process, you are more assured to find a qualified match for your job.

Temp agencies can also provide:

– Greater productivity – because you are not taking time out of your valuable day to interview all potential hires, you can get more work done. This increased productivity will greatly aid your business growth.

– Employees who are tried and tested – when businesses try to hire employees they have no real way of seeing how well the applicant truly performs in a work environment. Recruiting agencies do, with tailored skill assessments, like WMP or ten key punch tests for data entry that can reveal a workers strengths and weaknesses. They also offer training facilities for applicants to improve their abilities and learn new skills that will help them in the job market.

– Employee resource – No matter how organized an office is, if someone leaves or get sick, it can disrupt the office routine. Temp agencies can replace sick individuals, those on maternity leave or who don’t work out. You can also hire on temps for seasonal work, as many organizations see increased workloads around Holidays or summer months depending on the nature of their business.

It can end up costing you more in the end to not go with an established recruiting agency. If you start weighing the pros and cons of looking into human resource consulting, remind yourself that the time you spend working as opposed to worrying over the exhaustive hiring process is more time spent building your business up. When one considers the above facts, then the benefits of hiring workers through a temp agency is worth its weight in gold.

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