Why your Interview skills could be holding you back

First impressions are a must in the business world and in your career. If you blow it, you could ruin your chances. If you nail it, you can put yourself a few steps ahead of the other candidates. Likeability counts for about as much as your job credentials-especially when the employer is selecting from a large pool. The main idea is to make yourself friendly and likeable to the interviewer. There are a few things you can do in any interview to ensure that your face will not be forgotten.

Tactic 1: Smile. A happy face means a happy worker. A happy worker is productive and does not cause problems. You may fear that you will look like a clown. It’s better too look extra happy than sad, angry, or bored. If you remember to smile frequently, your interviewer will think that you are really enjoying the experience. Whether you are or you aren’t, you want to convey happiness to a potential boss.

Tip 2: Be friendly in the interview. Try to develop a relationship with our interviewer, make contact with them. You can often get a feel for an interviewer and whether they like you. If you feel this connection, work on it by not only showing that you have the relevant experience but by working on the connection with the employer.

Tip 3: When going to a job interview, it is important that you are dressed appropriately. You would actually be surprised to learn how many job applicants show up to a job interview in unattractive, unprofessional attire. Even if you are just applying for a job as a cashier at one of your local supermarkets, you are still advised to dress professionally for a job interview. Depending on the job you are applying for, a dress or a business suit may be called for; however, a simple pair of black pants and a white shirt is much better than a pair of jeans.

4: Should you encounter a difficult interviewer, do not be intimidated. One who does not let you put in a word edgewise should be lightly reminded that you should do most of the talking since he is the one who needs to learn more about you.

5: As you near the end of the interview, make sure that all bases are covered. Now is not the time to discuss or even ask about the salary and the benefits that you will receive once employed. There is ample time for that once you do get the position and you are discussing the job offer.
Wrap things up by summarizing your strengths and pointing out your positive traits. Finally, as you end the interview, make sure to thank the interviewer again for his or her time, thus leaving a lasting impression.

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