Working As Filipino Maids In Foreign Lands

Many Filipinos are leaving their native country, the Philippines, to search for a better life, for a better future for their families. Many of these Filipinos end up working as Filipino maids in foreign lands, particularly in the United States, England, Italy, Greece, France, and in practically every country of the globe.

Statue Square, Hong Kong is only one of a thousand places scattered across the globe where the smiles and cheers of Filipino helpers can be seen. It is indeed marvelous to know that domestic helpers from our country are so valued in foreign lands. At times, many have been thinking why Filipino helpers are so treasured in other countries.

Their exodus abroad may also be linked to their growing popularity, especially in terms of being hard working, dedicated and loyal. Among their other traits well-liked and desired of by their foreign employers are their being hospitable and honest.

Foremost, Filipinos are highlighted by their loyalty and dedication to their employees. Since they are thousands of miles away from their families, they have no one to channel their emotions and longing for their children. That is why Filipino helprs are so endeared to their employers that they treat them as their family. In return, their boss also reciprocates them and treats them also as part of their family. So, don’t wonder if your balikbayan relative gets home quiet emotional or carrying photo albums with pictures of her employee. Yes, they value family much and to a Filipino, her employees are also her family.

Filipino helpers, whether a college graduate or not, are observed to be naturally intelligent and resourceful. They can pick up instructions without further questions. They, too, work hard without supervision. The word workaholic is indeed, due to a Filipino. She’ll simply work and work and will only stop if said so by her boss. At times, they can also be feisty. They would even argue with their employer about a certain problem. They also know how to find a way and get out from every trial.

Filipinos are by and large known for their grasp of the English language. They are able to understand English far better than their other counterparts. They can also speak English more fluently. Thus, it is understandable why foreign employers would choose them over maids from other nations.

In the same way, their employers regard them as belonging to their family as well. For many women, this is one way of compensating their yearning for their own children and family members left at home. Because of this habit, it is quite common to see maids from abroad bringing with them albums upon albums of their employers.

But there is more to the name Filipino than being just called a servant. What makes Filipino maids endear to the heart of the world is not actually the physical looks. More than the hard work and dedication, a Filipino works with a full heart, a simple ingredient that no employer has ever found in other nationalities.

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