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Can I post job opportunities in the PW Community Boards?
No. Your post will be immediately deleted by the administrators and will put your account under moderation.You can however, post job vacancies if you register an account as an “employer” on the employers section of the website. It would probably be because the company or individual you are representing has been blacklisted by atleast four members of the network.Win32Pad is my Notepad replacement.

How do you calculate your fees?
Custom research is calculated at a flat, per page rate of $50, with no charge for the reference/bibliography pages. Science and technical writing are typically an additional $10 per page. Firm quotations are given only after we know the exact specifications for your project. As a rule of thumb, the per-page fees for light, medium and heavy editing are $10, $20 and $30. Please note that these fees apply to editing only, not revision or rewriting.Regions of the U.S. are included in the Location Search menu. They currently appear on the list in alphabetical order between US-TX and US-UT.

The Online Entry Form Looks Complicated. Do I Have To Do This Every Time?
No. The first time you use the service, we do require a considerable amount of information about billing, purchase orders, jobs, shipping destination, camera formats, editing systems and other necessary details. On subsequent jobs, your registration and billing information will be automatically displayed in forms, giving you the opportunity to make any necessary changes. Every time you enter a new project, all of the other forms must be filled out again.Yes. If you have different editing systems on the same computer, one licensed version can be used on each different editor at no additional cost. This makes it easy to use the Plug-in on some jobs, and the Producer on others, as makes sense. You will however need to load the version that matches each editor you want to use, but will only need to register one.

What is the essential qualification to join this work?
Data Entry, Freelance Writing & Editing, Survey Jobs, Paid Email Programs, Google Jobs are an extremely easy jobs. Basic knowledge of English and a fair computing knowledge are enough for you to join this job. You are qualified to make extra thousand’s from the very next month. Even If you don’t have any experience of computing and Internet, we will extend a full assistance to you no matter what level of skill you possess.

What is your turnaround time?
For most writing/editing projects, I will guarantee a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks. Large or complex projects may require additional time. Because the quality of my writing is important to me, I don’t do rush jobs for new clients.By activating your CV, you are making your CV visible to employers who pay to access and search our CV database. This allows employers who are actively looking for candidates to find you.

Top How do I apply to a job announcement?
When you see a job that you would like to apply to, you can click the Apply Online link at the bottom of the posting. When you click Apply Online (all jobs do not have this option), you will have to log into your account if you were not previously logged in. Once you are logged in, if you have one or more Resumes, you will have a choice of which Resume to send. The resume that your are attempting to edit was originally posted using an old version of the USAJOBS website.The batch system (LSF) must be used whenever possible. Non-batch jobs on any node except the login node will be killed, unless special permission has been obtained in advance from a system administrator ().

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