Access Big Rigs in USA and Mexican Trucks Reviews

Thousands of men and women drive big rigs in order to get the goods to the stores for us to conveniently walk in and buy. They also haul dirty and other materials for building homes and roads. Just as each person needs to fulfill basic requirements in order to get a traditional driver’s license, there are requirements in order to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate a big rig.

The driving record of an individual is going to determine if they are able to obtain a CDL. While you can if you meet all the other requirements and have a valid traditional driver’s license, it doesn’t mean you will be able to get a job. Most employers look very closely at a driving record when hiring drivers. The cost of insurance for big rigs is very expensive, and the get a discount when they have a fleet of drivers with a safe driving history.

Any individual holding a CDL has to understand that they can lose this privilege if their regular driving privileges are suspended or revoked. In many states failure to pay child support according to the court order can result in a driver’s license being suspended. This can also happen due to excessive amounts of speeding tickets, accidents, or driving under the influence of alcohol.

Should trucks from Mexico be allowed in the United States?

The biggest complaints from regular citizens seem to be with the concern that they don’t believe trucks coming from Mexico will be safe. Under the initial pilot program agreements, all of the drivers must be able to read and write English at an acceptable level. This way they can safely navigate with the road signs, talk to law enforcement, and complete necessary paperwork.

There are no restrictions on the products that the trucks from Mexico can bring into the United States or take back to Mexico. Many are concerned that this allows them to haul hazardous materials. They also worry about the possibility of more semi trucks being used for drug trafficking purposes under such an agreement. Many people believe it is not safe to have individuals from other countries coming into the United States with the ability to haul dangerous materials. With the risk of terrorist attacks being possible with the use of such products on semi trucks it is definitely something to think about.

In addition, trucks are to be inspected by their independent carriers every 90 days. This is to be in effect for the first three years of the program. At the border there will be scales and inspectors as well. They will work for the United States and they will have the authority to deny any truck coming from Mexico access into the United States.

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