Avoiding Fees on Your Leased Car

If you are worried about your lease financing, then chances are that you are also worried about your leased vehicle tires. Once you return the vehicle when your lease ends the dealer will have to conduct an inspection of the vehicle. If there are slight problems the inspector may ignore it, but if he doesn’t you may have to pay some lease penalties. But how do you ensure that you don’t get to pay so much, if at all, before your car gets inspected? How to prepare your car for inspection day?

Check on the stuff listed here before returning the car:

*It is always wise to know exactly what is in the lease agreement before getting your vehicle. Are the terms and conditions fair? Are they forward with any problems? Do you accept what they consider normal wear and tear? Every dealer has different standards on what they would call normal wear and tear on the vehicle. One dealer may say it is alright to have some small scratches here and there, while the next may not. There are also some dealers who considers dented trims, interior and a few missing car parts a little bit too much, thus they may charge you for it. So be sure to go over the terms and conditions both before you get the car and before your lease ends.

*Always inspect your car yourself, just in case there are any issues you need to be aware of. When you lease a vehicle make sure you return it in the same condition as you got it, that means removing all your stuff and giving it a nice wash. If it is possible try to fix any damages that you may caused before taking the vehicle back to the dealer. If the leased vehicle tires need to be changed, change them, it is much better than paying the lease penalties. Using tire coupons can make the new tires even cheaper. You do not want to repair the vehicle to only find out that the penalties were far cheaper, so get an estimate from your local mechanic. From there it is obvious which one to pay.

*If the small things like gas and the oil are included in the agreement check on them.

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