Bring substance to your contemporary lifestyle with the Audi A3

If you are looking for a car to be able to keep up with your impeccable sense of style as well as your busy lifestyle, look no further than the Audi A3.

The Audi A3 comes in three different power trims, the 2.0 liter front wheel drive, the 2.0 all wheel drive and the 3.2 all wheel drive. All trims are showstoppers and offer the very best features that you always expect from Audi. From 200 to 250 horsepower, the A3 will create rocket speed that you will enjoy keeping up with.

You can get the A3 with every feature imaginable, from the modest advantage point to a high tech model that will blow your socks off. Some of the A3 models come equipped with Bluetooth phone connections, rain and light sensor capabilities, satellite radio and custom designed speakers, and even automatic climate zone control to keep you and your passengers happy. You can choose from simplicity and take it to a premium model with just a small alteration to the price tag.

The hatchback design of the Audi A3 gives this car substance and character. You will marvel at the contemporary design that sets you in a motor class well above all others.

The A3 is perfect for long road trips no matter what the conditions are outside. Equipped with precision handling and pin point control, you can safely transport yourself and your passengers with peace of mind that the A3 will arrive you there safely. Full airbag protection gives you that added senses of assurance that Audi will protect your precious cargo should an accident occur.

The A3 is great on gas mileage and fits right in with giving you the fuel economy you would expect from Audi. Feel at ease tooling around town and car pooling in style when you are behind the wheel of the A3 because this car won’t break your budget.

There are so many reasons why the Audi A3 fits in with any contemporary lifestyle; all you have left to do is just try one on for size.

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