Broken Car Key Accidents in Los Angeles


Most owners are in a rush and don’t think about how they insert their car key into a car door or ignition. The car owner is just in a hurry and or being distracted by other important issues when they insert their car key half way and torque the key to unlock a door or start the car. Bam – The key is broken and half of the key remains in the door or ignition. Well a lot of times the power of our wrist is more than a key can manage. Today the car key can be a key flip and the key flip has a lot of leverage that allows the person to create extra power to the effort of unlocking the door or starting the car. The truth is that a key that has been broken off in a door or even worse an ignition can be expensive. A typical door car key removal is only half the battle to a door lock working successfully again. Sometimes you have to replace the tumblers and set to the original key design so that you do not have one key for the door and one key to start the car. Most broken key in door ignition only requires two hours of work. If a locksmith has to open a steering column to get to an ignition you can expect the job to take three hours.

As a locksmith with 20 years’ experience I have worked on every brand of vehicle key and fob. When purchasing a key or key fob you need to be aware. Buying a key or key fob from E-Bay you are asking to pay twice. Cheap aftermarket keys that come from China do not effectively code to your vehicle. China is great for buying cloths, televisions, and dryers. However when dealing with the unknown of coding a product that is not designed by the manufacturer you will regret the loss in time and money.  A dealer or car locksmith will guarantees the key to be coded.

The cars that seem to be most acceptable to broken key syndrome is Honda, Toyota, Lexus. I do not know if it is a coincidence of owners that by these brand of cars and break their key or is it that the key is made with poor quality of metal. Lexus is a tough key that takes a lot of abuse.

As a professional locksmith we suggest that you take the time to insert the key all the way into the door lock or car ignition before you turn the key. However if the laws of the universe are working against you call Aplus Locksmith Services…

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