Busting The Myths About Diesel Trucks

There are many key differences between diesel trucks and gasoline-powered trucks, and those who love diesels know that their vehicles have many important advantages. However, for those thinking about purchasing a diesel, there are many myths about them that persist from year to year. Fortunately, many of these stores are simply not true, including the following.

Cost is one of the biggest myths associated with diesels, and it is true that the diesel truck has a higher initial purchase cost than a regular gas vehicle. However, fuel costs are lower because diesel fuel is usually a bit less expensive than your higher octane gasoline, and also because your diesel engine has better fuel economy in general. While a diesel’s sticker cost is higher, you truly get what you pay for as these diesel engines tend to suffer fewer problems and last many hundreds of thousands of miles longer if you stick to your maintenance schedule.

You might be worried that once you purchase your truck, you will never be able to find a convenient source of fuel. That might have been true a couple of decades ago, but diesel engines have grown in popularity, and well more than half of gas stations in the United States sell diesel fuel. If you aren’t sure where to go, there are several cellular phone applications that you can download to help you find a station whenever you need one.

One persistent myth about diesel engines is that they fail to start when the weather becomes extremely cold. These days, diesel engines are so advanced that this is very rarely an issue, and most manufacturers include a block heater so this can deal with the issue. Older models will typically also have little problem with starting up if you are careful to maintain the battery and glow plug.

One of the most fun aspects of owning a diesel truck is making those cool aftermarket additions to your ride. But you probably have heard that adding any upgrade immediately voids the warranty. Fortunately, this is absolutely not true. Federal law mandates that a dealer must prove that your aftermarket part caused something to break. So, if your upgrade had nothing to do with breaking the warranty-covered part, the dealer must complete the repairs. The best thing a truck owner can do is make absolutely sure that every aftermarket addition has been installed correctly.

Another consideration is the legality of aftermarket parts, and some people are under the false assumption that all of these parts are illegal. Again, this is simply not the case. While each state has its own restrictions, all states allow some upgrades and some allow more than others. You just need to do a little research about what parts are allowed and which ones are not. If you want to install a new exhaust, a diesel tuner or perhaps a lift kit, just check with your state department of motor vehicles.

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