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Do you remember the early days of four wheeling? There were several shortcoming to be conquered . I am sure you have a long list if were four wheeling in the 1970s. I am talking about not stalling out on a vertical climb. I remember trying to let out the clutch while holding the brake and feathering the throttle to keep the motor from choking out.

The single most significant change to open the door for the average Joe was fuel injection. mechanical fuel injection has been around a long time. Mechanical fuel injection how ever was very expensive and most mechanics did not feel qualified to retro fit these systems to different applications.

Now lets fast forward to the 80s. Every car manufacturer was experimenting with their own version of electronic fuel injection. This was not done to make a better vehicle, this was to keep up with federal standards on air quality and mileage per a gallon of fuel (mpg).

Multi port FI won the show down. this means every cylinder has its own fuel injector waiting to feed it the right amount of fuel. Multi port fuel injection fitted on a small block engine became the standard in the off road arena.

today there are tons of after market fuel injection kits, that are bolt on no hassle turn key kits. The improvement in performance was incredible. there’s no guess work in the equation. what are you waiting for, rip that carb off your old hay hauler and install the latest fuel injection system on it. You wont be sorry.

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