Guardians of Evil (L.J.s Biker Movie Idea)

GUARDIANS OF EVIL (LJ’s Biker Movie Idea)

I have been writing for years I have a few Biker book, Movie and even Biker Cartoon ideas. Because I have to be careful about posting them on-line so they do not get stolen I haven’t posted any. This is a very small part and just the beginning of a story I have been working on. It takes place in a world where the Government and the Police have become completely Corrupt. All the Motorcycle Clubs had been framed and blamed by the police for all the Crime and problems to cover and shift everyone’s attention from what our Government had been up to. When everything had fallen apart and America had fallen into the hands of the corrupt and Criminals where now running everything, There was no one left to turn to. The Bikers the world had been told to fear, Who had been shown as the ones who where evil, Decided it was time to turn the tables and they started the Motorcycle Club GUARDIANS OF EVIL in order to start to bring Justice back to the world. The idea of the character of Kyle is something along the lines of a mix of Dartanian in the three Musketeers and Bruce Wayne from Batman . He will become one of them, But first he must learn, And the Adventure Begins!!!


Scene 1

The Sky was dark and cloudy and a slight mist of rain started to fall on Kyle Star Jr’s face mixing with the tears that fell freely from his dark brown eyes, How appropriate though Kyle as he looked over the freshly dug hole that his fathers casket had been lowered into just hours before. With no raincoat or umbrella He was soon soaked and his shoulder length brown hair clung to his face. Everyone else had left long ago, his and his fathers, Friends Family and Fans had Hugged him and said things to Kyle to comfort him but they where like ghosts to him an he felt and heard nothing of what they said. Kyle looked around the cemetery and saw there where still 3 News vans there waiting. He knew they would want to talk to him, After all he was the son of the worlds greatest Motorcycle racer an at 6ft 160 lbs he was the spitting image of his late Father. He knew now that his Father was gone all everyone wanted to know was if He would be taking his Fathers place on the Race Track! Let them wait though Kyle, as he could not bear to leave his Fathers graveside yet. He knew that when he left the graveside the life he had once known would be gone forever. His father had been everything to him. His best Friend, his Mentor and his Hero. Kyle had never known his Mother an now at just 18 years old he found himself alone and on his own. The whole World had seen his Father die on the racetrack that day as he raced that one last time. He was far ahead in the lead and no others in the race where even close to him when He suddenly “lost control” of his motorcycle Crashing into the wall at close to 200 Miles an hour. Kyle had ran to help his Father but there was nothing he or anyone could do, A legend was gone Kyle Star Sr had died instantly!

Kyle Jr Heard a voice whisper his name bringing him out of his dream like state. He looked up to see the Reporters face; he had seen her many times before on TV. She was not just any reporter but some well known big shot. She had interviewed Kyle’s Father more then once over the many years of his racing career, but at this moment she was just another Ghost to Kyle. “What do you want?” he asked her Kyle I’m sorry to bother you at this very sad time She said. But the world wants to know what you are going to do next after your father’s accident, Will you take his place? Will you race? Kyle’s faced turned red his eyes grew wide with tears, he looked different even his voice seemed to change as he looked at her and said. The crash was NO Accident My Father was Murdered and I Know who is responsible! As Kyle looked straight into the Camera he spoke words that he would live to regret, “I will be coming for you!” Turning and looking at the reporter Kyle shouted “How’s that for an exclusive” Then he turned and walked away as the sky opened up and the rain started to come down hard!

Scene 2

A Taxi Pulled up in front of the bar and Kyle Jr threw a handful of cash at the driver not even Bothering to count it. It had been 6 Months since his fathers Funeral and the man who stepped out of the Cab looked very little like the Man who had cried for hours by his Fathers graveside. Kyle now looked mean and rough a short beard on his face and his uncombed hair was covered by a Black dew-rag. The suit he had worn at his fathers funeral was now replaced with a t-shirt, leather vest, Blue jeans and work Boots. Kyle looked at the run down looking bar on the corner called “The Hoggs Penn” A clever play on The old Harley Nic Name, He though to himself. He saw about 20 Bikes parked out front, Most of them where Harley’s But he could see a few other Brands mixed in with the pack. This is it he though my fathers Killer is inside and soon one of us will be dead. He could hear the song Welcome to the Jungle By Guns an Roses blasting from the Juke box inside as he walked up to the door, opened it an walked inside. There was a large dirty looking Biker working the door in a cut off T-shirt with some Bike shops name on it. The Guys arms where Huge and covered in Tattoos. You got some ID there boy? He asked Kyle. How’s this? Kyle asked as he Placed a one Hundred dollar Bill on the table next to the Man. Looks good to me he said with a Smile as he put the cash in his pocket. Have fun JR he laughed as Kyle looked around the loud Smokey bar. The walls where covered in Biker posters and Hundreds of different stickers from Bike Shops, other Bars and Club Support stickers. The place was packed with many large Bikers; some had patches on their back showing they belonged to one club or another. There where five really great looking girls in very tight skimpy outfits Dancing on the Bar, on a different night in a different time I might have really enjoyed this place he though, as the first smile in a long time crossed his face. The smile only lasted a second as some drunk walked into him growling “watch where I’m walking boy” as he went past walking to the back of the bar heading towards the bathroom.

Kyle started thinking maybe I’m in over my head here as he saw most of these Bikers where much larger then him. One large Biker standing by the corner of the bar really stood out to Kyle, The guy had to be at least 6’ft 10in tall and over 300 lbs all of it muscle, he was wearing a long Black leather trench coat that went to about an inch from the floor, He had long golden blond hair that made him standout even more in the dark bar. Kyle felt as if this man was trying to warn him with his eyes. Kyle suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder and was spun around, he felt the wind get knocked out of him as he was punched in the gut harder then he had though possible. Four large Bikers grabbed him and pulled him towards two large doors in the back of the Bar. One of the Men kicked open the doors that lead to an alley out back. They dragged Kyle threw the doors and then tossed him to the ground. As he looked up he saw a large muscular Bald Black man about 6ft 2inches tall, wearing a black leather vest way to small for him. He had no shirt on underneath showing the world just how many muscles he had, lighting a cigar. He smiled at Kyle and then kicked him hard in his gut knocking the wind out of him once more. Boy you are about to learn a very valuable life lesson, unfortunately you isn’t going to live long enough for it to do you no good! Boy you never tell your enemy you are coming for him! An you go an do it on National TV. What was you thinking? Yeah said Kyle while trying to catch his breath. I realized that was probably not a good idea about two seconds after I did it. Kyle got a very serious look on his face as he said; I’m here to kill you Bob! You know that Right? Kyle stood up and pulled out a gun with the speed of an old west gun fighter. Badass Bob huh? How bad you feel right now with a Gun pointed at your head? Actually Boy I feel just fine! A split second later before Kyle could pull the trigger he found himself back on the ground with a large throbbing bump on the back of his head, one of Bob’s men had hit him hard with a crowbar. Kyle felt himself slowly passing out and the world going black around him, He could see Bob and his men standing over him smiling, they all had Guns in their hands. This is it Kyle though to himself now I die and my Fathers killer goes free! Just don’t seem right, where is the Justice in this world? Just Before the world went completely black and Kyle passed out, He could have sworn he saw a streak of Gold pass overhead and heard the sounds of someone fighting!

Scene 3

As Kyle awoke he could feel a throbbing in his head, He could feel a large bump with his hand on the back of his head where he had been hit. He was laying on a couch in a room that was very bright. As he rolled over to look around the room he spoke the words “Where am I”. He was Surprised when he got the answer, Your still in the land of the living, So I would not worry about anything else right now! As Kyle looked to see who had spoken the words, he could see it was the large Golden haired man he had thought was warning him at the Bar. As Kyle looked around the room he could see there where other people in the room with them, They all looked like hardcore Bikers and on one of the walls he could see a banner hanging, on it where the words GUARDIANS OF EVIL MC

L.J. James

This is just the beginning I hope, I’m looking to see if there is any Studio’s, Publishers excreta…. looking to fund this project!!!

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